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2/21 c10 5Butter-bluetack
That so heart braking!
1/14 c10 12marvynthephoenix
You made me CRY this book. I hate you. Please don't write such *sob* sad things. Your masterful writig combined with this depressing tale causes tears of anguish to spill from my eyes.
9/22/2020 c10 Millie072
Ron had his family, Dumbledore walked free, the Dursleys walked free and the school mourned. Who was there for Hermione? In this world, she will never return to Hogwarts. Like Harry when it came down to the finish, she stood alone. Neville will never forgive himself and Sirius died still considered guilty by his world. And still, no one asked why?
9/22/2020 c4 Millie072
Percy is still blaming the wrong person. At his age it's instinctual, but the question should be 'Why was Dumbledore hiding the stone in a school full of kids?
8/7/2020 c5 Vampireking40
That will be hard for Snape to do. Draco controls what happens in Slytherin common room and it will soon be learned by every pureblood in Slytherin there head house is a Halfblood who was in love with a mudblood.
8/7/2020 c6 Vampireking40
Draco knows now that he will be Lord Black even if he did not know that the boy who just died was set to become Lord Black. Draco dad will be pleased with what happen and can use the diary without anybody messing up his plans.
8/7/2020 c7 Vampireking40
We see how Molly acts on the outside but what he she really thinking about on the inside. Is there an illegal marriage contract she and Dumbledore created after the Potters died. Is she going to get all that money. How about Ron we see him in some stories as a good friend along with Hermonie but what about her are they thinking of the money they are being paid to be his friends. He died down there so are we going to still get money from him. Lets hope here we have two good loyal friends and Molly does not care about the money in Harry vault.
7/5/2019 c10 Cassandra30
Actually with Pettigrew still around as Scabbers everyone should find out the truth.
7/5/2019 c9 Cassandra30
Petunia had a , though. Expressed badly but accurate.
7/5/2019 c8 Cassandra30
No he doesn't get it.
7/5/2019 c7 Cassandra30
It took death to wake Molly up?
7/5/2019 c6 Cassandra30
Severus has a lot to do.
7/5/2019 c5 Cassandra30
Good for Severus!
7/5/2019 c4 Cassandra30
7/5/2019 c3 Cassandra30
No, Neville, it isn't your fault. It is the fault of Dumbledore, McGonagall, Quirrell and LV.
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