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5/21 c47 RyleAdrienne
It is a truly bitter end for Zokar. This book is a beautiful masterpiece forever I'll remember. This book is not much of a romance, but it was about the life of Zokar, and his thoughts for the world and of the world, how he faced so many things but still stood up strong. How he died Loyal been with his name tainted to the Fire Nation. I salute him
5/15 c47 jonathansolis240
I hate that you killed him off for me it ruined the story made a great story terrible i wanted zokar to win
and change the ending to to the story instead you went with a somewhat canon ending i am honstly kinda disapointed i was hoping for better you could at least have made a alternate ending.
5/9 c47 McLoggernaut
Amazingly well written; an excellent anti-avatar character with well thoughout arguments, and I found the ending to be greatly fitting for Zokar. Thank you for writing this :)
4/30 c47 jarrahbander
Amazing and realistic this story is beautiful
4/18 c47 4Dragon Country
This was an excellent read and well worth the time I had to read it.
О чем вообще фанфик? В чем смысл перерисовать оригинальную историю с добавлением одного персонажа в качестве декорации? Бред полный.
2/7 c1 Guest
It's possibly thé best story I have ever read. Thé ending is satisfying although personaly I think Azula should die as Fire Lord. Die for her crown so to say. I would read such a story again. Shame such gemstones are rare find
12/28/2020 c47 RogueJMS
Amazing story!
12/18/2020 c47 Sylphi
*inexplicable screeching*
Pretty much how I felt after completing the story.
I loved and hated the story tbh. It is well written and truly a work that feels alive. The issue I have is the end our MC gets. Can't really say I expected it to be good or anything but it did leave me in tears with a bitter taste. I really hoped he could he happy in the end.
Also seeing the [ ] pairing, kind of hoped it would be a happy one.

So all in all, it is defiantly a story I could recommend to people, if only they are more resistant to somewhat bittersweet endings then me.
10/16/2020 c47 TheAussieRogue
Best bloody story I have ever read! 1600 stories and think this is the best one! made me go into tears!
8/28/2020 c4 1PJShiper
hey man good story but can you chill with the religious stuff
8/16/2020 c11 A Petty Theif
This whole story reminds me of dark souls. The mc reminds me of gwyndoline and the name ash... do I need to say anything about that? He is also making a knight order. Not surr if its on perpose but I love it.
8/14/2020 c47 SensianZ
8/10/2020 c1 2Weirpellet
Uncanny. The way he's written and how his own family views him makes it sound like Zokar is a sleeping slasher movie antagonist waiting to happen
6/22/2020 c47 Lone wolf aka Black Hawk Omega
Love a good underdog, great read!
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