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9/1/2018 c1 Guest
Your story was beautifully written. I would very much have liked to see more Virginian stories by you, but sadly there don’t appear to be any.
Other than the Virginian, Ryker was my favourite character, so it was such a treat to read this all too short piece. Many thanks.
1/24/2014 c1 48dart53
What a lovely character study. Your writing has the flavor of poetry.
11/3/2013 c1 twobrothers
Ryker is definitely my favorite character so love to see stories about him. Keep writing.
4/20/2013 c1 88emeraldarrows
Oh, beautifully written! There's been a serious lack of Ryker stories on this site and this hit the spot. Well done and I hope you write more Virginian fic in the future!
4/19/2013 c1 Dee Grainger
Ryker is a good character to follow. A strong, respectable, good looking man only wanting whats best for those around him. You captured his sincere thoughts deeply as if every memory were only a dream. A dream to become reality if given the right moment. Good job.
4/10/2013 c1 3Cristy W-S
You convey such wonderful imagery in your writing and I can see it all very clearly! :)

It's wonderful how you were able to get into Ryker's head and express his thoughts - not always an easy thing to do. Loved the line about him saying nothing and too much - typical Ryker.

Lovely one-shot, TT95! :) Always a pleasure to read a good story about my favourite sheriff of Medicine Bow :)

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