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for Come Little Children

4/21/2013 c2 3LilyVampire
Loved the first version better, but both are great and kinda creepycute. Great job! :D
4/20/2013 c2 25buslimpan
Wow... This story was just... Creepy. I think the first one was more creepy than the second one. But in the second one at least they got ti fight.
I listened to the songs and they are good! But creepy...
Great work with the story!
4/10/2013 c1 Guest
liked the story and look at my profile for a link to the song (also has lyrics in the video). It is a really beautiful song though also sort of dark. That brings me to my next point. I'm not sure if I like the ending now considering the song is dark so I might put an alternate ending that is much darker than this ending. If you guys are interested in reading it please message me or I might not put it up. Don't assume people review! Not everyone does! So please review and tell me what you think and if I should put up the second ending!
4/11/2013 c1 15jen1490
i like it. seeing the alternate would be interesting, but if it doesnt come up, this ending satisfies me. :)

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