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3/22/2014 c8 rachel
that is so sweet, beautiful and well writen ;3 i almost cry at the end..so lovely ;))
6/8/2013 c1 16mentalillusions
I never reviewed the first chapter so im going to reread and review now!

I love how thomas is grateful for his job because he doesnt really have anything else in his life so he values it. Oh but thomas does need a lover (and he will have!) he must be soo lonely and having to see the bates' being all kissy-kissy-i love you to eachother must piss thomas off! On and he just cant get Jimmy out of his mind. Poor thomas(youll get your happy ending! [but youre gonna have to be really sad and angry first!])
6/8/2013 c8 mentalillusions
Oh i could really sense jimmys nervousness! But then it was so cute and awwhh djfndjdjjd adorable! :D
"Love is simple. It sometimes seems like it's not, but it is." that was the most beautiful line ever awwh thomas is such a romantic! Ahw i love them and thomas is so happy and everythings good and i love how thomas cant stay mad at jimmy
The ending so so adorable and sweet and fluffy and cute and awwwh holding hands and then playing a song and awh it was so cute loved it loved it cuteness overload! :) :D :) :D :)
6/8/2013 c7 mentalillusions
Oh dear! Jimmy putting the blame on ivy-how gentlemanly!
Haha "drunk as hell" i say that all the time (well not the drunk bit, but the *random word* as hell bit!)
Oh thomas is too sad to even talk to him-but next chapter! *finger crossed* *goes off to read last chapter*
6/8/2013 c6 mentalillusions
"Merry Christmas, Thomas!" that line made me laugh! :) poor thomas is so confused and now even more so! And thomas having fun and talking to daisy is just adorable! Hahaha ooh my god that line "Molesley at his best." that killed me! :D i laughed so hard on the CS when he was drunk and dancing ha it probably is molesley a his best-hes only a fun character when hes drunk! I loved this chapter so much! And ahhh thomas being so happy then ending the day in heart break!
6/8/2013 c5 mentalillusions
Oowh jimmys crying! But then angry as well because thomas doesnt understand, ooh but thomas doesnt trust himself enough to understand! And then when he hugged him and thomas was like "whaa?" and when he went downstairs and daisy said he looked like hed seen a ghost and i loved Carsons line correcting her!
6/7/2013 c4 mentalillusions
Oh thomas is so confused! And Jimmys reaching out for help but is too afraid to say things directly! And thomas is still so afraid to touch him or ask because of their past. Owh but thomas is soo sweet! And jimmys so angry at him self and confused and scared

Haha i love the bit when thomas tells jimmy 'youve been staring into your tea cup for ages now. It went cold hours ago.'
Ooh i just loved this entire section. Especially this line
"He pretended to read it all along but over the top of the page he stealthily watched Jimmy who was staring steadfastly into his cup of tea"
I can just picture thomas being all sneaky and jimmy just being colpletely zoned out!
6/6/2013 c3 mentalillusions
"collywobbles"- thats he most adorable word ever!
And awwhwhhhhhshshsifjfif thomas crying! D•: woo look at that face!

"the whatever-it-was grew clearer" haha that made me laugh, sounds like something id say!

I love your jimmy hes so angsty and silly and dramatic!
"Maybe he's ill?" i know i shouldnt have laughed at that line, but i did! Ahh god!
Ahhwwwk but thomas' sadness is so sad (hmm god i am so wonderful at describing things lol) but hes so sad and hurt and him huddled on the floor on its enough to break my heart! Awwh poor baby! Oh plus i love it when they say "bugger!" :)

Ohh and i loved the bit with alfred were he asks if thomas had tried to do anything! Ooh and daisy caring about him!
6/5/2013 c2 mentalillusions
Owh thomas is such a romantic wanting a lover and wishing for one and awhh your wish will come soon thomas(hopefully!) and jimmy is so confused. And thomas is sad and he thinks it all his fault and ahh! Theyre both so lost and confused! And them both looking out the window is completely adorable!
5/17/2013 c8 24mcabby80
Oh finally Jimmy told him - and they kissed- and Thomas smiled! So everything I was hoping for happened! Hooray for the happy ending! Well done! :0)
5/10/2013 c7 mcabby80
Poor Jimmy, now he's ready to tell him an he just wouldn't listen. So he has to wait...now you know, what it's like Jimmy! ;0) Looking forward to the last chapter and the -happy?- ending!
5/6/2013 c6 mcabby80
Oh damn, I thought Jimmy would run after Thomas...shit! I absolutely love drunk Molesley! Yay for bringing him in ... :0)
5/6/2013 c6 Mary Austin
Stupid Jimmy!
5/1/2013 c5 mcabby80
Crying Jimmy is still so cute...I can really see him hugging Thomas like crazy and then run away... that's just so 'Jimmy'!
4/29/2013 c4 mcabby80
Oh Thomas, don't be so stupid! But he doesn't dare to hope, does he?! ... Update pleaaaase! ;0)
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