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7/26/2004 c1 31Enjeru
THAT WAS SO SWEET! I LOVED it! *huggles Yugi* YAY! I LOVED your poem! Write more soon. Bye-byes! ^_~
5/5/2004 c1 Reading4soul
don't beat yourself up, it's nice ;)
10/21/2003 c1 chrispy
aw! I love yugi{note;not yami he is just cool}

and as the illigal unoficial head of the yu-gi-oh

maniacs reporting at the base; the insane issalum

we must say"dis iz relly grood" and I say "yes that is very true" now I must get to my no.237 attempt of sucide.
5/13/2003 c1 5Rebecca the Eccentric Crackpot
Rebecca: That's... so... beautiful! *sobs*

Yami Rebecca: Don't worry, Hikari. I'll never leave.

Rebecca: (to herself) Darn! (to Yami) That's what Yami Yugi said.

Yami Rebecca: Like I'm Yami Yugi. OOps. Gotta go. Have something important to do, like-

Rebecca: Kissing Malik?

*Yami Rebecca hides*

Rebecca: Yamis. Anyway, this is so beautiful. I want more. Keep it up!
2/6/2003 c1 cremona-143
Sweet! Two thumbs up!
12/23/2002 c1 4Crystal Mew
Another one of your good poems! ^_^ Why do I like poetry so much? I just do! ^_- Especially yours! ...once again, I ramble. Sorry. My reviews aren't worthy of such art! ^_^
11/24/2002 c1 11the birdster
That's a GREAT poem...I can NEVER think of any...*sigh*

WELL, thankies SOOOO much for adding ME(of all people! @_@) to your favs! ^-^ Makes me feel so proud of meself! *shines*
11/8/2002 c1 blu sprite
im not a great fan of poetry, but this is good.
8/25/2002 c1 61Patchwork Poltergeist
Wow! you're planning to take over the world too? Would you like to join us? We'd be glad to have ya abored! I loved your poem too. ^^
8/18/2002 c1 199Usami
Yo. It's good. Ya know what i think...so there. ^_^ i like. its cute. but ya know that already. course, at least u didn't have to find a word that rhymed with 'soul' now didja. HAHAHAHA! sorry. just funny. okay, i'm done
8/18/2002 c1 16ShadowSpirits
I can't believe there aren't more reviews! You deserve more reviews! I don't normally read poems, but I just was...drawn to this one, I'm glad I read it! Now I'm going to bed...3:36am...eheh...
8/17/2002 c1 corus
hmm...I like it. ^_^ make another! Maybe ya should try not so hard to ryme though... You know? I think its coolio though! It's kinda sad to me...the idea of your best friend just disappearing one day...*sniff*...MORE! ^_^

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