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7/8/2017 c7 Madelicity
Man, this was published in 2013? Wow, it's been a while. I hope you haven't forgotten this story, cause I haven't. This story is AMAZING! I love how you write, and I love your effort to make this story as accurate as possible. Believe me, your work does not go unnoticed. Please continue!
8/16/2013 c7 Guest
Its a great story, realy well done but kiwis dont realy talk like that we use a lot of nah, yeah, bro, man. You should try look up nz subculter.
8/14/2013 c7 hi
Read and loved! update please?!
8/13/2013 c7 7CrazywithaComputer
Ha! Love the references and the story, especially how you've been able to elaborate on Aster's past while keeping him in-character (going by the movie anyway). Can't wait for the next update!
7/13/2013 c7 Avatar Aang
Love love love love loooove it I hope Aster is okay can't wait for more xxx
7/11/2013 c7 hhutch20
Okay, I gotta admit, the beginning of this chapter confused the crap out of me. Felt like I had missed something entirely in a lost chapter while I've not had internets (moved to a new place, squee!) Though things started shaping up about halfway through.

As somebody who has just now finally watched Epic, I got the reference and promptly started laughing my ass off because I could totally see Nod doing that. I didn't know that William Joyce had written those ones as well. (And I just saw the trailer for Seventh Son, looks AWESOME, so excited) and then with the follow up reference to Jareth...ooooh dear. I can just see that ending all kinds of badly lol.

I find their conversation interesting and enlightening on the both of them, though I wish that Tooth would have more noticed how exhausted Bunny was but then again he's probably just good at hiding it. I got a kick out of Tooth's reaction to him going to a girl. All kinds of embarrassment up in that piece *giggle*

Good chapter, keep going! Looking forward to the next installment :)
5/30/2013 c6 Nikki
O.O Feisty, ain't she! I love Ahu as you continue to develop her! I can't wait until she actually goes to the Warren! Maybe gets all feisty with Bunnymund lol xD Great story!
5/30/2013 c6 2Emey Troi
Yay! Descriptions of places! 8D
Really liked this chapter and how it let us look a little deeper into her character and family life. It let us see more of her defensive/powerful personality and why she was bred to be protective of herself with her family constantly looking over her shoulder. I liked how you included Ruru as well. He's such a sweet little doggy. 3 Her brother's a jerk. I wish I could smack him for her.
Gender roles. Bah!
5/29/2013 c6 32MidnightShadow07
I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought she sounded like Martha Jones! LOL I'm loving this story, and your dedication of doing your research makes me cringe at my own research on some of my other stories. Sorry I haven't reviewed the other chapters, I got fired so I've been going a bit crazy finding another one. Anyways, I can't wait for the next update and I wonder how Bunny is going to keep in contact with Ahureway with his plants?
5/29/2013 c6 hhutch20
Wow, what a change from the last chapter. This one was very...honest, I think is the word I want? Family matters like these are always rough, and I feel for Ahu for this particular reason and wish I could smack her brother for her. He sure as hell deserves it. You did a good job of getting Ruru more involved with his body language and being protective of Ahu. It's a good first step! Now you just gotta keep at it :D

Excellent chapter, very juicy and plot worthy w mwhahahahahahaha!
5/28/2013 c5 Nikki
Yes, this story is really making me excited! I was honestly surprised that Ahu was blind but it is definitely different from most of the other stuff I've read about Bunnymund! Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/25/2013 c5 hhutch20
Excellent chapter! And even better that is was a long one. Always like long chapters, they are chewy. I think I'm going to have to congratulate you with gift arts here as payment for good writing :) Just need to use yours as reference...*taps fingertips together*

Good chapter, I liked their banter and how awkward they are in conversation. I think the dog should get more of a 'say' in the conversations. After all she can actually see Bunny and smell him, even with seeing/eye dogs being trained the way they are.
5/24/2013 c1 2Emey Troi
I really love everything you've put up so far and I'm growing extremely fond of Ahu with all her expressions, emotions, and her love of gardening and people. She's such a lovely character and it feels like I actually know her! I like the merging of the movie and the book versions of Bunnymund, too, but I have to admit that some of the Australian and New Zealand words leave me off the hook and confused. At some parts there's a long string of words that I don't know that are all Aussie/NZ which make it hard to understand the context of their conversation. I'm not saying get rid of them (the addition of them really helps make the story) but try to spread them out through the chapter so we can at least understand what the words might mean using the context of whatever else is in the sentence. Also, it'd be nice if we got a few more discriptions of people and places. In the most recent chapters it was really hard for me to produce an idea of what the garden looks like in the museum. I love the feelings you show between the two of them, though. Those are very well described; like the comfort she feels from the dream she has and the slow movement from "guarded unease" to "acceptance of pressence" that the two have in the most recent chapter. I can't wait to see how everything continues to develop between them
5/24/2013 c3 5Zephyrus Genesis
I think you did very well, especially by blending the literal signs used to convey some of the more complex feelings she was trying to express. It was interesting to see those sections typed in the literal ASL grammar format. I have some familiarity with it, though I'm not to good with the language itself, and applaud you for putting it into this story!

I'm very curious to see how it'll turn out. I especially liked how she sensed Bunnymund's presence, and her acknowledgement of such startled the heck out of him. _
5/23/2013 c4 Avatar Aang
Thanks xx;) yeah love the chap can't wait for more xxx
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