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for The lives of immortals

2/26/2014 c43 thatcrazyjellyfish
Awwww cute
2/26/2014 c40 thatcrazyjellyfish
2/26/2014 c39 thatcrazyjellyfish
So sad but really good
2/26/2014 c38 thatcrazyjellyfish
So sad I almost had tears
2/26/2014 c37 thatcrazyjellyfish
Sadness aww
2/26/2014 c36 thatcrazyjellyfish
It was a bit confusing but I like it
2/26/2014 c35 thatcrazyjellyfish
Awwwe sweet
2/26/2014 c34 thatcrazyjellyfish
Loved this had the biggest smile on my face reading it
2/26/2014 c33 thatcrazyjellyfish
Yeh Thats what I thought as well it wasn't for the guardians jt was for the kids
2/26/2014 c32 thatcrazyjellyfish
So saaaaaaaad why must you make me want to cry? ;)
2/26/2014 c30 thatcrazyjellyfish
Awwwwww sad but sweet
2/26/2014 c29 thatcrazyjellyfish
I want to cry so much after reading it
2/26/2014 c28 thatcrazyjellyfish
Love it and I like how pretty much al! You stories have a link to one of the other stories you have written or are going to write
2/26/2014 c27 thatcrazyjellyfish
Love it awesome story
2/26/2014 c25 thatcrazyjellyfish
So so sad but amazing story
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