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2/26/2017 c59 5WinterCrystal1009
I honestly don't understand how Jamie just lost his belief cuz of BULLYING. Srsly, that is just sad. He thinks his best friend is fake smh. Tho, keep continuing this!
2/25/2017 c50 WinterCrystal1009
I OFFICIALLY HATE MANNY! Wtf dude, srsly! And I see how this is linked xD
2/12/2017 c30 Haven
Mission accepted. This was good I'm glad that Jack has somewhere safe now. Also summer sprites are evil jerks.
2/11/2017 c3 Haven
Way to go Sophie XD
1/27/2017 c69 8Sohrem
This last chapter kind of makes me hate you for tearing my heart out and stomping on it. The rest of the stories are awesome though!
12/29/2016 c62 funbun519
This chapter makes me so happy everytime I read it. I brings me out of any bad mood I'm in. I love it!
11/12/2016 c69 Guest
Well that was quite the ride. Thanks for writing this, it's amazing. I loved both the main cast and the OCs. Everyone felt in character. The plots were amazing. Basically, great job.
11/12/2016 c61 Guest
So, I was going to review this when I was done, but I just finished chapter 61, and HOW DARE HE! Godd job, I didn't thinkit was possible, but you made me haet Mim even more
10/16/2016 c11 18TheDiamondSword400
I love this! you've got all the characters down perfectly.
I hope you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism, though. You have been adding extra Es to some words.
In this chapter you wrote Suite instead of suit and you've been calling Santa Claus 'Santa Clause'.
10/12/2016 c69 Guest
Fantastic writing, I loved the whole thing... Until the ? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! I AM DROWNING IN MY OWN TEARS
8/29/2016 c69 1threadedLifesource
This story was beautiful and I'm sad it didn't have more to it or more after but I understand what its like to fall out of a fandom. I thank you for the wonderful story you shared and I hope you have a good life because even though you made me cry for Jack so many times nobody deserves to be sad or unhappy.
8/19/2016 c69 followthebluebox
Beautiful ending, I'm in love with the way you tied everything together right at the end and left us completely gobsmacked. :) Small things mentioned in earlier chapters, like the mysterious circumstances of Boreas' possession, how Jack and Pierre weren't able to touch, Bunny's promised absolute truth, and the Guardians' lack of socializing, all came together and formed the final events that wrapped up the story in a perfect bundle (along with the heartstabbing parallel of Jack's sacrifice for his sister and Sophie's sacrifice for her great granddaughters, which gives me the nice thought of that the end is really being connected back to the beginning). You can really see the time and effort you've spent on this plot and these characters, and its lovely. Your gorgeous skill of characterizing each spirit/being really gave this entire story an amazing touch and truly made the ending tragic for us readers.
I rattled on quite a bit. :) I hope you write many more brilliant pieces!
7/16/2016 c48 Guest
like the oc:)
7/8/2016 c11 KAT
6/28/2016 c69 sarcasticsnowflakes
The end has left me crying. You literally broke my heart. I love this story so much
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