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for Harry Potter and the Way It Should Be

10/13/2020 c3 fireboy122arthur
I like it
6/18/2020 c3 dennisdaugherty1962
please update soon I love this story.
2/23/2020 c3 Guest
we want more right now pleaseeeee
1/5/2019 c3 Guest
Hope you update soon I really want to see what happens next
12/1/2018 c3 1Sal19812
Lady Septim: Hermione Granger would be My vote who needs Ron Weasley
10/2/2018 c3 Arcane 1 Phoenix
Wait that means you’re rewriting the first two chapters. You should just keep it the way it is and have Fleur Delacour as Lady Black. You should also get rid of the whole Dragon born thing because it’s just way too much
6/2/2016 c3 1Currahee506
Btw story needs to be fully re written it wasnt reading well but i like rhe deagonborn stuff mixed in heh
7/17/2015 c3 fallondyson
7/14/2015 c3 2Guardian-Wolf-227
11/15/2014 c3 Drake0x
Bloody hell this is a hard one to read, I like the idea of the story but it reads like a list with clumps of text instead of bullet points. There is no detail whatsoever describing anything, it reads as the standard
"harry died and is sent back to fix things, turns out he has phenomenal cosmic powers all blocked by his head who he practically worshipped, turns out he was potioned to love ginny, turns out he has soul mates that where also sent back" get what I mean?
This could be awesome all it needs is more details, the imagination and idea is there its just seriously difficult to read.
1/11/2014 c3 4Kalladin1989
You do realize that you already formd the soul bond with hermione and you have changed the titles you have already given the three?
1/10/2014 c3 elyk36
interesting opening but it seems as if you rushed through it
9/17/2013 c3 STEVE
I really enjoyed your story please continue but please don't make Gabrielle Delacour or daphnes sister harrys wife that would be sick thank you.
9/17/2013 c2 CuriousGuest
Divide text more often, it's harder to read when everything is put line after line. Use enter to make it clear to read.
9/16/2013 c2 2rb2312
Great chapter.

Harry and susan buzzing ron and the express in there dragon forms was nice.

Glad the old goat's dirty laundry has been hung out for all to see. Though i have a feeling that albus will be back.

Great that harry has his mum and sad back. Same for susan with her sad olaf. Not to mention her greasy grandad.

You'd think that after harry blew up the slytherin common room entrence, they would give him a wide birth. Then again no one ever acused them of being smart.

Wonder wich house they will go to. Hufflepuff or ravenclaw. Then again you may go down the fifth house route.

Hope harry remembers the luna bullying problen and fixes it.

Can not wait to see how they deal with slytherin's pet

BTW. Wonder what hagrid thought of the dragon
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