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for The Goblet of Fire's Trap

1/5 c3 redeyehawk23
I'm so beyond lost reading this...
3/27/2022 c17 52EdTheBeast
It is a very cute kids must read story. Except for killing bad guys it is K.
8/13/2021 c16 Ravenjuubi
Nice chapter
8/5/2021 c17 Ravenjuubi
Great chapter
7/8/2021 c17 Jostanos
Apology accepted. The situation has been pretty much resolved, and now?

"BACK TO MAHORA"! *eye smiles*
6/7/2021 c7 nightwing27
good thing in my story that old fool plots for year 1 to 4 will be known and tourtment will never happen no fudhe or crouch to bribe and control and no lucius
6/7/2021 c17 1Pushi19
Update it soon please
12/25/2020 c17 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
12/25/2020 c17 Jameslw
great story please continue
12/23/2020 c1 31Sakura Lisel
I just thought of something. When Hermione asked Harry WHY he was eating right that moment when DINNER had already been eaten, why did she say it like HARRY was there for that dinner she’s talking about? She sounds like she thinks Harry was right there during the feast when ‘dinner’ happened, and SHOULDN’T still be hungry after eating a meal he wasn’t even around for. *lol*

Though now I feel sorry for Harry. He just FINISHED his 12 hour night time sleep back in Japan and was in the middle of BREAKFAST. Now he’s been dragged ‘back home’ to a country where it’s now night time AGAIN, and expected to do what exactly? Go BACK to sleep for ANOTHER 12 hours just because everybody else was going to? He’s already had his 12 hours of sleep and is wide awake now and ready to start the DAY, not go back to sleep just because it’s suddenly night time again.

Since he was in the middle of breakfast when he was dragged here, what about Lunch and Dinner if he has to go back to sleep now? He’ll be starving by tomorrow, if he misses lunch and dinner because he was forced to go back to sleep again with the ONLY meal in his belly being breakfast.
12/23/2020 c17 3WhiteElfElder
It is strange how you kept flopping between Rose and Harry, she and he, which sometimes made me need to backtrack to follow whom was being talked about. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story.
12/23/2020 c17 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
11/14/2020 c16 Haseo187
I love this story so keep up the good work!
10/31/2020 c16 Jostanos
Kreacher is gone as well as the majority of Tom ("DON'T CALL ME THAT!") Riddle's horcruxes. Now there is only one left, and that is in Gringotts.

OH man.. This is too good!
9/26/2020 c16 lunadream13
good story hope to read more of it.
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