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for A Recurring Nightmare

1/6/2014 c4 54TheUltimateCombo
I love your story so far, but one error: Robin's zeta ID is B01, you said B02. Just letting you know.
1/5/2014 c20 11thwipthwipity
Oh my goodness, Wally! No!

Updates soon so I can see what happens! Thanks!
1/5/2014 c20 turret towers do tower
Firefly was the perfect comic relief for an otherwise laden chapter.
12/15/2013 c19 1starwarsfan15
This chapter and story is so asterous! I love how crazy Artemis is being right now. And poor Robin who was trying to get her to be quiet only to have her start singing loudly. Very creative song by the way. Its really cool especially since you mentioned Batman in it. I wonder whats happening with Kaldur. I also wonder what the League is doing now that they have that SOS message. Anyway I look forward to your next chapter.
12/15/2013 c19 1YoungJusticeSeason3Confirmed
12/15/2013 c19 turret towers do tower
Artemis should definitely wear a wig. I wonder why Bette doesn't dye her hair?
11/20/2013 c18 1criticperson
This is the weirdest story I have ever read. But it also makes perfect sense. Please continue writing more chapters, I sincerely want to know what will happen when Batman gets there.
11/13/2013 c18 Guest
omg! this is so wonderfull!
11/11/2013 c18 Ineedsleep
Whoohoo you rock! This story made my day cause I've been going through a tough time and reading these stories have really made me extremely happy. Well enough of this sorry self pity stuff lets get critiquing. First of all WOW! YOUR'E ALIVE! I thought you were eaten by rabid ferrets or something! All right I love how you made the Joker extremely evil like he is. I hate it when I say the Joker is one evil dude and people are like "when I saw him on tv he wasn't that bad" ( as much as I liked the 60's batman shows, it really ruined his and batmans rep) HE PARALYZED Batgirl for goodness sake and you got the essence of his darkness all written out! I really should go on one of those tv shows as a judge. I sound so cheesy! I also hope people review more cause you so deserve it.
Random person 2: I don't see any Cliffies so I think you can come out now.
Random person 1: * slowly sneaks out of a cave looking around and sees Traught* TRAUGHT!* faints of happiness*
Ineedsleep: I really need to invest in smelling salts.* shakes her head and drags random person 1 off set*
Btw me getting sleep is like Connor kissing a monkey, Wally not eating food, Artemis becoming a cheerleader and wearing pink, M'gann not burning anything, Kaldur becoming a rebel and Robin not trolling. Though I am trying!
11/11/2013 c18 Guest
I am loving this story plz update . Hey check me ou on wattpad missing DramaUnicorn posted the preview for me it's my first and spread the word plz thank u
11/12/2013 c18 2princess-rey-tano
Woahoho! It's weird picturing Arty in a skirt. :) Great update.
11/12/2013 c18 1TreeTrope
11/11/2013 c18 8TheGothamShadow

This... this story is absolutely magnificent! A truly remarkable addition to the Young Justice fandom. I truly adore the way you've taken these characters, put them into a complex and rather dangerous situation, all the while keeping a moderate level of suspense and anguish. (You also put Traught in this story. Something that I am a fan/supporter of.)

I am usually one who publishes a review by the very end of a story (to give an overall opinion), but you are one of the authors who've literally forced me to post a review to show praise. (That is how cool this story is.)

I look forward to reading this story! Update soon!

11/11/2013 c18 11thwipthwipity
Lovely! Can't wait for the next chapter! Update soon!
11/11/2013 c18 1YoungJusticeSeason3Confirmed
MORE NOW..._-_- now..i mean it...:)
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