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for A Recurring Nightmare

11/11/2013 c18 turret towers do tower

Robin: Ugh, it seems like even non-villain Gothamites are crazy
10/17/2013 c17 Bethisafan77
Love this! So intense! Can't wait for the next chapter
10/12/2013 c17 Ineedsleep
Oh and the reason it says chapter 2 in the other review is because on my favorites on my computer its saved on chapter 2. And OH YA TRAUGHT! I have nothing against Spitfire but I love Traught to. Oh and I am so ready for this.
*sits on a couch with a laptop, popcorn, a football helmet that is slipping off her head (me likey football and safety) and lots of coffee for the nights I stay up waiting for the update*
10/12/2013 c2 Ineedsleep
Random Person 1: GAHHHHH! OH NO ITS THE, THE, THE *random person 1 just fainted*
Ineedsleep: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL!Dare I even say its name? OH GOSH THE HORROR! THIS THE THING THAT GIVE CHILDREN NIGHTMARES and no its not Grandma in a two piece at the beach *shudder*. IT IS... (pause for dramatic effect) A CLIFFIE!
Okay all joking a side your story rocks. Its kind of the reason I need sleep (that and freaking out about tests) cause I look for stories like yours but if I find a good story (yours) I will literally stay up until I have to wake up for school reading so quite frankly I don't mind. OMG Poison Ivy. In BMTAS she is so nice (well in my opinion) at times but she does have a dark side and you found it and used it greatly. My gosh is it just me or do I sound as corny and cliché as some stupid cheesy judge. But seriously you rock. Thanks so much for mentioning me.
Random Person 1: *Just wakes up and is in a daze* what happened. *Looks up and sees the cliffie* CLIFFIE! *Faints again*
10/11/2013 c17 Bluegirl
Okay now that was just cruel. *pouting like Harley except without all the grossness and stuff*
This is WHYYY by the way
10/12/2013 c17 2princess-rey-tano
My gosh…Ivy you're such a creeper! Same for the others. And poor M'gann! At least Robin was somewhat prepared for what wS coming. Honestly though? I feel bad for Harley. I don't see her as a villain, but a lost, lonely and abused soul.
Yeah, I know, that was a bit longer than usual. Sorry!
10/12/2013 c17 3Karesor17
Why, I never knew you were a sadist :P Keep up the writing though, it's excellent.
10/11/2013 c17 11thwipthwipity
Oh my gosh noooooo! Not another cliff hanger! XDXD Lol!
amazing writing- I love your style, you're doing great!
10/11/2013 c17 roy23
Okay, some torture from Poison Ivy...
And we got a scream from our poor birdy...
I am afraid to know what you would do for the rest of the Team...
10/11/2013 c17 turret towers do tower
I actually liked the ending...
9/26/2013 c16 Ineedsleep
I love Spitfire and all but Traught has been getting to me. Do you think you could add some in the story cause this chapter (in my opinion) seems like a good opportunity to open new doors. I LOVE this story! Please updated
9/22/2013 c16 WHYYYY
Oh wait oops. Just saw that you posted yesterday. My bad...
Oh and I wasn't yelling at you. I hate cliffies as much as Superboy hates monkeys.
9/22/2013 c16 WHYYYY
9/22/2013 c16 thwipthwipity
Noo! Not another cliffie XD LOL. Good job! I really like this story!
9/22/2013 c16 2princess-rey-tano
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