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9/22/2013 c16 turret towers do tower
You keep torturing him. But...alas...it is the fate of the first Boy Wonder to be fangirled over and tortured in both fanfiction and comic. We really are giving him a hard time, aren't we? I also loved how you put the Mad Hatter against Artemis. Scarecrow's gonna gas everyone, isn't he? Cause he's just cool like that. Bane vs. Superboy made me laugh though. Two mountains of muscle against each other. That's going to end well...but not for the furniture.
9/17/2013 c15 9Goingdownwithmyshipz
Well shit just got real!
9/15/2013 c15 11thwipthwipity
Oh my gosh, so far so good! So much suspense! Update soon!
9/14/2013 c15 roy23
The team is starting to fall apart. And Joker makes a visit at such a time. Crap!
Please, don't let Rob to get hurt again! He's not recovered yet...
I'm afraid what I would find out on the next chapter. Well, please update soon!
9/10/2013 c15 AnotherRobinFan
OMG how dare you leave it on such a cliffhanger! *Throws batarang at fleeing back* This is turning out to be a really good story with lots of angsty goodness (yay angst!) and such emotional turmoil within the group! At times I think the characters go a bit off, like I don't reckon they would be eager to pry into his secret life and push him so much in the therapy session, but they are going through a hard time so I can believe your version of emotions :) can't wait to read more, update soon, and good job!
9/8/2013 c15 Guest
Update sooon update sooon update sooon! This chapter was SOOO good though I hate cliffhangers. And it is totally ok for you to use my ideas for a story. Update soon! - dragonfire-wolfgirl
9/8/2013 c15 ImaGuest
Woah, this just got even more serious! Please update soon! The suspense... :O
9/8/2013 c15 Megan
Holy crap this is perfect please update!
9/8/2013 c15 Guest
Oh god person don't scare people like jeez...but it's good O_O
9/8/2013 c15 2EpicComicLover26
OH MY GOD SUSPENSE. Please write more!
9/8/2013 c15 turret towers do tower
there's the action!
8/29/2013 c14 2princess-rey-tano
*shudders* Two things I hate most: needles any eyes. Ick!
8/29/2013 c14 2EpicComicLover26
Please write more!
8/26/2013 c14 Guest
So totally awesome update soon, and I'm gonna guess, riddler/superboy, cuz I love the riddler and superboy trying to solve his riddles is just too awesome. Keep on writing. - dragonfire-wolfgirl
8/26/2013 c14 Yuu101cutie
Oh... That was such a cute chapter, I loved it. Love it.
Wally just being there for Rob was awesome. Loved that side. Also being there for Meg was also awesome. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Especially with the chapter you told us about. OMG I just want the next chapter to be know. I feel like Robin was trying to wake up in this chapter to talk to Wally at the end. Blam is a terrible thing. Someone said it in the another fanfiction but it is true. Everyone wishes they could change something but you cannot, whats done is done. I really want to know what is going on next.
I have no idea who you are going to use but these are the ones that I am guessing based on approximation and reading between the lines
Bane - Superboy
Joker - Batman
Poison Ivy - Artemis
Harley Quinn - Batgirl
Two face - Aqualad
Scarecrow - kid flash
Killer croc - miss m
And I have no more ideas none at all.
It will be cool it you do bring in batgirl. I have no idea what is going to happen next and I wouldn't have gotten any, I have only really gotten in to DC recently and focused more on either JLA and YJ more than individual series. Batman series included I have little of ideas but not much. I cannot wait to see what you will do. Update soon.
(::) (::) (::) (:)... Cookies for you. Ate some too. ;P
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