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for A Recurring Nightmare

8/25/2013 c14 Megan
That was beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes
8/26/2013 c14 24Karin Matthews
This was amazing! please update soon xx
8/25/2013 c14 turret towers do tower
Give us more.
8/25/2013 c14 4Emiko Sora
Poor Dickie... D:
Update soon :D
8/20/2013 c13 9Little Red Raven
please, please update this is a really good story
8/17/2013 c13 Guest
Chaaro0ot...i like it!
8/11/2013 c13 2princess-rey-tano
Awww. :( I want to find Robin and hug him. Right now.
8/6/2013 c13 feather90
I am on vacation and i cant log in right now But I loved this Chappie

keep up the good work
8/5/2013 c13 Guest
Holy... This story is amazing! I love It please continue! - dragonfire- wolfgirl
8/5/2013 c13 yuu101cutie
Oh oh... They really did it this time. The stepped over the barrier and really hurt Robin. A lot. Why does the team always try to help, but in the wrong way?
They made Robin cry TvT. Seriously, Megan really went to far this time, with delving in to his mind. He trusted them, now that trust is basically gone in a lot of ways. Especially Megan. She said at the start that she would stop reading their minds and she broke that promise. Like in the show with Conner.
At least Wally was trying to disrupt what was happening, but Megan just didn't listen. Why don't people listen to Wally more often? Not just when he has a dumb idea. Though that was actually funny when that happened in the show.
I hope Robin will open up to Wally when he comes back and vis versa. It would help both of them in a way I think.
Keep up the good work. Update soon please... I want to know what happens next. :)
8/5/2013 c13 5lindz4567
i liked it i cant wait till the next chapter :)
8/5/2013 c13 1ClipsOnClips
Awww poor Robin. Please update as soon as you can.
7/21/2013 c12 Guest
They said it couldn't happen, but it did. I have fallen in love with a fanfic...
7/23/2013 c12 9Goingdownwithmyshipz
Great chapter!
7/21/2013 c12 1ClipsOnClips
Holy awesomeness batman! I'm so so so excited for the next chapter. Robin's going to be so pissed! Please update as soon as possible!

Btw I've totally been on Robin's side for ALL of this!
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