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1/10/2014 c9 ShadowCub
Poor Fang, seems her immediate family is about to get bigger, can't wait for the triplets to get here.
1/10/2014 c9 1SideQuester
I really wanted to have a lot to say here, but the only word that comes to mind is: BEAUTIFUL! The first of Fang, Jihl, and Lightning's children have finally been born. I know it's a new experience for all three of them, but I'm most curious to see how Fang in particular handles things. No doubt a lot of reassurance is going to be needed, but that just means more heartwarming moments to look forward to.

To babies down, three more to go. I totally can't wait! XD
1/10/2014 c9 3The Shinobi Guardian
Wow, that was just...wow. I've never seen a baby being actually born (xcept on tv of course) but reading that was really intense for me. Jihl's babies are out of her stomach and Lightning is next on the birthlist so that should be interesting too, I kinda anticipated how Jihl's delivery would go on some level but it still didn't make it any less intense. Love the new chapter and can't wait 4 d nxt. .\/,,
1/9/2014 c8 Kitty
Great chapter glad your still writing. Hope you have time to update silver lining! :)
1/8/2014 c8 ShadowCub
Poor Fang she's on everyone's short list and Rhea still has me laughing over the, "she wants your baby daddy comment." LOL!
1/7/2014 c8 1SideQuester

Bonding over weapon maintenance; beautiful (lol). Seriously though, it really is great to see being so much more open around Lightning, even to the point of joking around with her. And the mud-fight with Rhea was an enjoyable, playful moment for the two of them. It's nice to see Fang having fun. Lightning and Jihl really are making things better for her; at least in some way.

As for the ending, that is some heavy, heavy stuff. The situation with the Cocoon women is undoubtedly taking its toll. With the decisions the Umbra have to make and the adjustments the rescued woman are going through, one can only wonder where things are going to go from here. There is definitely a lingering theme of these stories: In the end, how does Fang come out of all of this?

Wonderful chapter.
1/7/2014 c8 3The Shinobi Guardian
Well there goes another chapter with a mellow feel to it, less action and drama but more of a 'day in the life' sorta feel-y way, I hope future chapters will have answers to pending questions and show more of what's happening on other fronts. Still can't wait for the babies to be born though so there's that too. Ja ne ./,,
1/7/2014 c8 laurenrulez1
Continue soon please
1/7/2014 c7 7Leonard Vindel
Mother! You have returned to is. You have no idea how excited I was when I saw the email notification pop into my inbox. No word of a lie; I read your work everyday and still get lost in it as though it were the first time.
Okay back to the chapter at hand.
Good to see that the little Fangs are during alright. Jihl is still taking like Jihl always does and thank Etro for the wonderful support system she has. Hope their birthing goes soothly. I've been pondering about that one Sage, what is his motive I wonder; I shall wait for that.
I can understand why Fang has such a barrier between herself and Raina; also the growing fear that Lightning will be taken from her but Raina wouldn't do that would she?
Good to see that you have returned mother, even if it's just for this chapter for another while. Update as soon as time permits it.
12/31/2013 c7 megamar
You're back. It been a while isnt it
and you're making me hungry with all that cheese bread and meat, damn
hope Fang will be happy, she's lonely
12/31/2013 c7 ShadowCub
Yup it is, poor Fang she only has herself.
12/31/2013 c7 1SideQuester
Welcome back Prudence! XD

Man, this one chapter alone totally reminded me how much I miss your writing. The amount of emotion you can pack into each section of the chapter is just amazing. The love and concern between mother(s) and daughter(s) in the first section was really heartwarming. The very beginning had me chuckling a bit too; there is just something so humorous about Jihl's reactions to her pregnancy. As for the second and third sections, they really bummed me out, but did an awesome job of conveying how hurt Fang was by Raina leaving her. Man, am I hoping for that tension to at least ease up slightly. Two quick side notes: Farron is becoming more and more of an awesome character, and Selene has got to be the Umbra I am most interested to learn about.

Brilliant chapter as always Prudence! Can't wait for the next one!
12/30/2013 c7 Guest
Your back! We missed you!
12/30/2013 c7 2Pharaoh187
It is entirely possible that I may or may not have squealed like a Fangirl when I saw this update.
12/30/2013 c7 3The Shinobi Guardian
Thanx 4 d early New Year's present Prue, you really REALLY made my day wit dis one cos I've read alot of your stories and love everything I read. I can't wait 4 Jihl and Lightning's babies to be born, having five babies crying all d time is going to drive dem (see:Jihl) insane. I'm hoping to see a lil of whats going on at d front-lines and d camps and where exactly is Sky and how Summer is holding up, d Umbra's decisions havn't been helping issues and I hope it doesn't lead to a Yun-Umbra war wit dat renegade Sage dats still in hiding underground with Miranda and Oriana coming up to eat it up with benefits. Oh and P.S. Was reading reviews earlier and saw d one before mine, d November one and I'm like hmmm...yea...no, just no, bcos yu know how som ppl don't know how 2 whistle or som don't (see:can't) know 2 curve their tongue, well som ppl know anythng at all...so yeah dat's dat, mother always said if yu dnt hav anythng nice 2 say, dnt say anythng until u're alone wit dat person and give 'em whats for...Ja ne.
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