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4/24/2013 c3 7Leonard Vindel
I honestly can't get over this part of Fang we're seeing; she's getting better with Farron and doing her best for both Jihl and Lightning, it'd still be so wonderful to have the little ones know Fang's their daddy.

Hahahaha Fang's "pointy." Rhea is just too funny. Love the way she teasess Serah over her affection for Fang. Being a kid and all, I'm not surprised she's noticed how Fang gets when she's with Lightning and Jihl.

Good to see that Jilh's babies have made some movement after scaring us all half to death. And of course she gets the royal treatment like the princess she is.

Hahahaha Fang's pointy...I'm not letting that one go.

Thanks mother
4/23/2013 c5 DaPhoenix
Wow, Selene has no mercy. Good job.
4/23/2013 c5 Ravenna
Holy $%$

Chapter went to show that not all of the men were monsters and poor Gadot, getting castrated then watching his wife kill herself THEN dying knowing that his child would not be shown mercy.

Jesus this story and the one preceding it has me hating both the Umbra and the men. Selene goes to show how much of a bitch she can be every time she makes an appearance.

Wonder how the Yun's feel having to work with the Umbra that have been persecuting them.
4/23/2013 c5 1SideQuester
WOW! o.O

I thought the last chapter was heavy enough, but this one definitely tipped the scale. First, we have three hostage women who go from terrified to full-blown amorous when the find out that Rowan and Styx are "equipped"; however, that situation had a pretty good outcome for the most part. Then, we have the seen with Gadot, Exy, and their newborn son. The minute it was revealed that Exy gave birth to a boy, I just knew this wouldn't end well. That was one sad, and undoubtedly dark, scene.

I have to say though, Selene kind of surprised me a little bit. While I kind of expected it from Athena, I'm surprised that Selene actually allowed Gadot a minute with his family. I never figured she, of all the Umbra, would allow a man even the slightest considering. Could her wife have had something to do with it?
4/23/2013 c5 Kadajclone


and i hate Selene.
4/22/2013 c4 shamanic demonator
Love ur stories!
4/22/2013 c4 SideQuester
The last Sage may be dead, but there are still plenty of disgusting men savagely raping the innocent women left on Cocoon. Well, these vermin are no match for the Umbra and deserve whatever is coming to them; the two men that Persephone found certainly did. Personally, I don't blame Persephone for literally tearing into those men. Watching those men rape that girl, and knowing that her daughter died being treated the same way, I would certainly say she was justified. However, Athena probably did make the right call in sending her away to ensure no women were accidentally hurt.

Man, rehabilitating these Cocoon women won't be easy. You can tell that it is going to take a lot to make these girl feel safe and able to live their own lives free of rape-happy men. At least this Aubrey girl was willing to accept the Umbra's help. I can only imagine what the ones that loathe the Umbra are like.

Heavy stuff for all involved I'd say.
4/22/2013 c4 Takeo-Kun
"A lifetime of slavery couldn't be erased within months. It could never be erased. What'd been done to these women put all of them in need of therapy and constant monitoring.

...now if only the Umbra could show some of that empathy to Fang and the Yun's.

"Persephone couldn't condone any mother who let her baby girl live in that world. Whatever the consequences, it was inexcusable to her.

heh, guess being an umbra she considers her people above all that right?
Moral Myopia/ Moral Dissonance/

the men are far and above worse as they are much more savage and cruel in their deeds but she and her sisters are cut from the same cloth as them, even if they like to pretend to be noble. They have bought their own lie.

love the story.
4/19/2013 c3 IresaFan
Beautiful chapter. That's all I can say.
4/18/2013 c3 SideQuester
So I guess we have three names now: Cassandra, Cordelia, and now Rosalind; all very pretty names by the way.

That part at the end with Jihl's babies finally kicking for her, that was just beautiful. I'm just so happy for Jihl and Lightning, but even more happy for Fang. She just seems so elated by all of this. She's building a crib and planning mansion extensions for the babies, she is having actual conversations with Farron, and she just lights up whenever Jihl and Lightning are near. XD Forgive the gushing, but I love this happy reprieve that Fang is having; simply wonderful!

P.S. - Totally love Rhea teasing Serah, as well as her theory regarding Fang's "pointy." ROFL! XD
4/18/2013 c3 IceQueen69
holy hell, the feels in this chapter were off the chart. Given how she acted at times in the previous story I am very glad to see the character development Jihl has gone through. Rhea is quite the clever little thing eh? Kid has no idea how close she is to the truth of things.
4/18/2013 c3 Kadajclone
Rhea figured out, "Because Lightning's your sister, and sisters don't have babies with the same woman. Or they shouldn't, I think," Rhea revised

lol ooooh Rhea, you have no idea...
4/17/2013 c2 7Leonard Vindel
I had half a heart attack when Thalia got all concerned and giving half answers but I'm happy the Jihl's little ones are doing well. It was funny when Jihl walked out the room naked, too concerned about keeping her little ones healthy than getting dressed.

Its such a good thing to see that Fang is opening up more and more to Jihl and Lightning but I guess it only makes sense since they are her chosen mates. The names are nice, wonder what Fang'll pick.

Thanks again mother :)
4/16/2013 c2 IresaFan
Cordelia, I've seen that name in the newest Fire Emblem! Shes very pretty. Pretty scary chapter right here though, was worried for Jihl for a second.
4/15/2013 c2 1SideQuester
Bonding over the skinning of Gran Pulse fiends. XD As weird as that seems, it just seems to fit Lightning and Fang so well. I just love how Fang is slowly becoming more open around Lightning and Jihl. This might have something to do with Raina's spell, but I'm sure there is also something deeper than that; Lightning and Jihl are two of Ragnarok's chosen, after all.

Love the names Cordelia and Cassandra. Two names down, three to go. XD

The part with Jihl's twins was a little bit of a scare, but I didn't think anything would be wrong with them. You just know that both Jihl and Lightning are going to be great mothers. And it looks like Jihl just got a little added motivation. Great Chapter!
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