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for A Short Reprieve

4/15/2013 c1 IresaFan
I hope Jeanne gets pregnant, we can't have the non-believer in power. Oh, and totally excited to see your back! Mossed your stories so much. Im like a fiend.
4/15/2013 c1 7Leonard Vindel
MOTHER! It felt like Christmas when I opened my inbox this morning :) I can't stop smiling :)

Shame, Jihl's hormones are all over the place, I'm glad Lightning is comforting her well. And wow,
Lightning's having triplets? The Gods have blessed her and they kick as well. It's a little concerning why Jihl's girls aren't kicking yet, side effect from fighting the men and Sage?
Also Fang, having her time with her little girls is such a nice touch, pity she still as to fulfil her duties.

Looks like Jeanne's burden as leader has only grown heavier by the day. I'm liking that Fang is getting out of her sensitive no-touch and follow orders side of herself. Having Raina return was a really great thing.

I wonder how Rhea will take the arrival of her sisters; the house is certainly going to be a lot noisier.
This was a very cute chapter mother. Thank you
4/13/2013 c1 1SideQuester
Ah, so the much anticipated sequel to 'OAE' begins. :D

Clearly it is Lightning's turn to be the caring and reassuring girlfriend, while Jihl goes through her period of uncertainty. I have to say that I love the job she is doing so far. And best of all, LIGHTNING HAS TRIPLES! XD
So Lightning and Jihl have five Yun/Umbra/Ragnarok babies to look forward to; that is certainly going to be interesting. ;) At least they will have Fang there to help them.

Speaking of Fang, I am so loving the changes in her character. The more assertive attitude, the logical thinking, and the willingness to help the people she cares about, definitely bring her closer to the Fang we know and love; at least in my opinion. I know that her circumstances are still pretty sad, and could potentially become worse, but at least she now has considerably more points of happiness in her life, namely Lightning, Jihl, and their babies.

I'm not sure how short this reprieve is going to be, but I love it!
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