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for Letting Go

12/18/2020 c1 criminalmindsffn
I know it’s been years but how have I never discovered your writing. Holy hell! I am so heartbroken and it didn’t even happen to me. Great writing!
4/16/2017 c1 5XxTitanium2016xX
I'm crying omg
5/7/2013 c1 12rollingcactus
I loved this, it was incredibly emotional. I just wished there was more with a happy ending.
4/15/2013 c1 Haute4.2Lipz
Unexpected! I'd like to see a follow up start where Garcia and Morgan come back from London, and JJ looks distressed when Emily's new life is discussed. Maybe discover that JJ never really let go, but gave Emily what JJ believed Emily wanted. Explore Emily's new life away from BAU and without JJ. The show hasn't even mentioned Will in the new season.
4/15/2013 c1 6Angelsheart85
I so didnt expect a new story on the two of them :) This was magnificent surprise! And truly beautiful by the way indeed! 3

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