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10/12/2015 c2 18ChrisMcLean-Cody-Duncan-TD
This was a really sad chapter, although it was a fantastic one. You showed incredible depth in Chef Hatchet, depth which I wouldn't have really considered, and depth in other characters too.

'Gwen's toughness wasn't the swaggering bravado of Duncan and Eva, but rather a quiet perseverance. She didn't flaunt it, but she had it.'

That line was really beautiful and once again made me think of Gwen in a little more depth then I had before and how I could easily reconsider her personality be this one line. The whole chapter itself made me think of the characters as nearly completely different people. The last line hit me hard - it felt like there was really little emotion, though I knew that was how it was supposed to sound - because it was just so simple but cruel at the same time.
10/12/2015 c1 ChrisMcLean-Cody-Duncan-TD
I wasn't really sure what to expect from a story like this, but I'm pleasantly surprised about it. I like the theme you're taking with it, and also how you talked us through the introduction and preface. How you started this whole story was really intriguing too, and although I'm not really 100% sure what will happen in the following chapters, I'm greatly looking forward to it.
Heather was really described and you captured the perfect essence of the scene - Heather's looks and the way you described them gave me the exact amount of detail I needed to just try and pin her character down.
It was definitely a nice start to the fic and it make me want to read more and more!
10/5/2015 c3 4MaddieLovesFOB
I don't know why, but I nearly cried during this chapter. This probably wasn't the chapter to cry on, but reading about death in general brings on a lot of feelings for me. That could be a reason why I've never read Knifez's Despair Island.

Anyway, great job on this chapter! You made me feel while reading it that these were the actual events of TDI.

While it would have been nice to see Courtney or Leshawna win, I understand your purposes for making Heather win. She is the protagonist.

I can't wait to read the next chapter!

10/4/2015 c5 1Patrick the Fan
I will admit, the ending was a bit bland, but I really enjoyed the AU theme of this story XD.
10/4/2015 c4 Patrick the Fan
Props to you for coming up with all these different outcomes for the contestants (career-wise)! I also find the fact of Heather naming her child after Gwen is sort of a cliché to me.
10/4/2015 c3 Patrick the Fan
It's sad to see DJ dropping out and Owen and LeShawna sinking into depression after Gwen's death is understandable, since they were so close. I really like how you described the plight of the show, and how it all went downhill. I could definitely see Chef running his own show without Chris (if he could do it in a few episodes, why not here?).
10/3/2015 c5 37Applauze
Duncan and Heather seem to have an interest in Gwen. The irony though if Heather's daughter was to be named LeShawna. I can't even think without laughing. xD

I do have to say, Duncan does come prepared. At least Heather had some groceries within her car so she didn't start. Pineapples and carrots actually do sound good right now. Now I'm hungry for those.

The ending I thought was weak and it could have been rewritten to have ended better, but considering that this is your first story, I'll cut you some slack. Overall, a nicely written story that I've finally got to read for the Read and Swap. Until next time!

10/3/2015 c4 Applauze
Each of the teens seem to have went different ways after the show ended. It's too great of a list for me to go into detail, but I scan assure you that each one pleased me and I ended up having a smile on my face.

Heather and Duncan seem to chatter away like clouds on a windy day. How they've reflected on the past and the future. I was so not expecting Gwen to be her baby's name. Like I never expected Heather to name her daughter after someone she considered to be her number one rival.

-this is the only short review since I really didn't have much to say-

10/3/2015 c3 Applauze
So Gwen's death must have shaken everyone to the core if Owen and LeShawna fell into a state of depression. Everyone seems to be shocked by her death, except for Izzy. I think that based on Izzy's psychological state, she had grown used to death and this didn't bother her.

The rest of the season went by with Gwen looming over their heads. It came down to Courtney and Heather, with the later one taking Courtney's struggle to her advantage and using it to win.

Afterwards, so many things happened that changed and even a law was passed in Gwen's name. I'm glad that Chef became the host of the show since he seems to be one of those type of hosts that would make sure that all of the rules were followed.

So that's why the camp was never used again. Ten years will definitely make a difference in the atmosphere.

10/3/2015 c2 Applauze
So now the mystery of Gwen's death has been solved, and only within a single chapter. If it was up to me, this story should have been expended out to make it about Gwen and Heather's time on the show and what eventually lead up to Gwen's death, but that's just me since I noticed that this story had a lot of potential that could have been used.

Duncan and LeShawna do make good guards against the killer. I mean, that's a tough combination right there. I'd be afraid to move if LeShawna was around me since she would crush me like a sack of potatoes and Duncan would finish up the rest of the business for LeShawna.

Poor Chef. He's trying his best to save Gwen, but there's nothing that he or Chris can do, so dying might be the best option for her since she would be put out of her misery. And now, she's gone. Poor Gwen, a victim of a terrible attack, or massacre. Perhaps I shouldn't say massacre since Gwen's the only character to die.

10/3/2015 c1 Applauze
Alright, time to start reveling this for the Read and Swap on the forum.

So this is a Heather centric story, and for it being your first piece of FanFiciton on here, I consider it to be your best one since it's so simple and down to earth and simplicity is a style that seems to be a trend that's on here now in days.

The way you write Heather and the descriptions based on her, I keep picturing her living in a cabin, near the woods with a lumberjack, or "Jake" as you call him, as her husband. I may be way off in my description of him, but I do keep visioning that. Now, why on earth is a woman, who's eight months pregnant driving out into the woods?

So the camp must be like a ghost town, full of emptiness and no life, or so I think. Ah yes, Duncan reappears into Heather's life after ten years. Wait, so something happened that night ten year ago to Gwen? Could that be a hint that this an AU? I'm intrigued enough to keep on reading.

10/1/2015 c2 4MaddieLovesFOB
After reading the first chapter, I was expecting Gwen to be dead. However, the way you wrote the scene made me not expect it all over again. I enjoyed Chef Hatchet in this chapter and the way you described him. Great job.

9/30/2015 c2 1Patrick the Fan
I REALLY like this kind of writing style! It's so dark but creative! I'm really liking the fact that Heather is beginning to feel guilty about her unsatisfactory relationship with her. Also, I dig the Shakespeare reference at the beginning!
9/30/2015 c1 Patrick the Fan
It's sad to say that Gwen didn't survive, although making Heather as the main focus of the story is pretty interesting. I also can't imagine Heather with another man but Alejandro, but that's just me.
9/28/2015 c1 4MaddieLovesFOB
Woah. I was not expecting to see Gwen be dead in this story, maybe just… well, I don't even know what I was expecting. Anyway, great job on this first chapter! You have hooked me in and I do want to read more, not just because I'm required to for the R&S. Great work!

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