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for Two Worlds Collide...And It's Not What You Expect

8/14/2005 c8 Firey Pheonix
i like this story so make a new chapter please and it has been like 4ever! please and thank you!:)
6/26/2004 c1 q

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2/20/2004 c8 hrjgbhisrg
u know instead of calling vegeata a elf u should of called him a son of a dwarf its more insulting or call him a hobbit or an ant
10/30/2003 c8 7Silver Scribes
I really liked that story, it was so funny.

Anyway keep up the humor

8/22/2003 c8 Cindy
I thought it was funny...I also liked it.


4/16/2003 c8 sailor g
this is HILARIUOS. I never knew Pluto could get that angry! I think in the next chapter Rei should give Vegeta a swirly. PLEASE bring out the next chapter out soon I could do with another good laugh. Hey laughing makes you live longer! I really hope you continue if you don't i will use my gold g attack on u! ! I know I'm so sad! I can't help it (WAH!)
1/26/2003 c4 3SVZ
@ Incense makes me dizzy... sorry, a bit random...
1/26/2003 c3 SVZ
"So you are Michelle huh? That's a nice name." Yamcha said getting closer and looking at Michelle.

Amara step between him and Michelle with her sword unsheathed and glared at him.

He backed down with a sheepish grin.

Krillin noticed he was standing next to Pluto and how tall she was and couldn't resist, "Hey, how's the weather up there?" he called up smiling.

Pluto did not like that.


Pluto had hit him over the head with her staff.

*shakes head and laughs* I bet Krillin got a pretty big bump on his head by now...
1/26/2003 c2 SVZ
Hm... good comparisons with the Instant Transmisson and Sailor teleport thing. i didn't notice it until now
1/26/2003 c1 SVZ
I had thought I'd reviewed before but apparently i didn't. I'm trying to imagine a heel imprint on Vegeta's face...not working... *shudders* I'm traumatized.. i will never wear my boots again *crosses fingers*
1/26/2003 c8 SVZ
lol, the elf idea is priceless. I'm gonna make Yamcha deadly afraid of swords in my fic, is that ok? I'll give you credit!
1/26/2003 c7 SVZ
lol, i guess Uranus doesn't really like Yamcha, ne? this is a hialrious chapter, i'd wish i'd read it sooner!
1/26/2003 c6 SVZ
Vegeta-scottish? Never made the connection but I like the shirts idea, it was hilarious!
10/19/2002 c8 Chrissy C. whom is too lazy to sign in
I read this a long time ago. I found this story again and re-read it! It's great. You should really make a sequal. I know you wrote this a long time ago, but it's just so funny. People would love it if you made some kind of sequal!
10/6/2002 c5 SVZ
LOL, thisis seriously funny...DTN and I founded this chibi fanart of Pluto hugging poor Piccolo to death...geez...pluto likes scaring people witless does she not? I luv Goku's personality..."Don't leave, i'm scared.."sigh, this is coming from one oif the strongest beings in the universe...
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