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for Inconsequential Me - Amos Hart

10/6/2018 c5 Bliss
1/27/2018 c5 23Lluvisna
Oh my God! This was what I needed! It does not matter if it is written in English, the translator helps me.
I am very sorry for Amos, I liked the character and his ending made me feel sad, I saw him leave and I thought: "Poor cellophane man, he does not deserve what happened to him"

It's interesting that bad luck follows him here, his sadness and his desire to be happy moves me, seeing Roxie on stage also destroyed me.

There is also yuri 7u7, but I could not be happy because Amos was hurt,
ay, que dolor mi amigo, no se lo deseo a nadie.

Why will you attract murderous women? Bueno, we can only hope that they do not catch her and be happy together.

Great fic, favorites.
9/9/2013 c5 22MonumentForTheDead
Wow, that was incredibly good! I'm sorry for taking that long to review this story... I specially loved the way you used some lines of the movie, but with a little twist, like: "my husband is now... unfortunately deceased" that was genius! And putting Amos with Liz at the ending was just priceless! (And of course that Velma stays with Roxie! They're just perfect together!) You should write more Chicago fics, I love your work!
6/8/2013 c1 4Insane Chocolate Porcupine
I have no idea why this story doesn't have any reviews yet, so here one is!

I shall read this!

I think Amos is one of the only 'good guys' in the whole movie, not that the others weren't fun to watch.

Poor Amos...

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