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3/30 c5 Guest
Can u update
6/24/2017 c4 CrazyCupcake123456
u have not updated since 2013 so can u plz update ASAP i LOVE this story!
10/13/2013 c5 Guest
Please keep writing!
5/26/2013 c5 5karlaserna
ohh :c 'kay 'kay... but I was really enjoying this! D: I mean!... yeah :c but I'll go check out your other stories! :DDD don't worry! x'3 and don't be sorry, it's okay! sometimes I get stuck, too... in fact... right now in fanfiction I have like, 3 or 4 stories I haven't uptaded in SO long... so... yeah, anyway XD I hope a miracle occurs so you can keep writing this amazing story! x'3 hehe!

-Karla :'3
5/16/2013 c4 karlaserna
WHAT?! Oooohhh so there's more than one ghost XD Incredibly :B Love this, lol I LOOOOOVED that moment when Jade was crying in Beck arms because she was all scared, oh! and when she screamed Beck's name, I loved that! :'D You gotta update ASAAAAP! hahaha Yay! I love all the Bade moments in here *-* I'll be waiting for the next chapter heehee! :'D x'3 I know it'll be worh the wait hehe :'D You're an amazing writer! x'3 [You do know how to scare people.. xD I want my mom... XDDDDD hahah]

-Karla :B
5/16/2013 c3 karlaserna
:C I'm scared for life XDDDD hahaha 'kay no :B is just XD I totally pictured it, haha! and now I'm just... scared xD I will leave my door even more open before I go to bed.. xD hahaha Omg, but seriously! This is TOTALLY amazing! YAY! x'33 This is really scary, you're really good at this! :DDD Excellent! Yay! x'3 Great job! x'3

-Karla :D
5/16/2013 c2 karlaserna
Omg let me tell you that scares me D: that they feel like someone's watching them, but Beck can't! asdfghjkl Fantastic, just fantastic! x'3 Love it! hehehe YAY! I'm scared... XD Omg... [I mean, I bet I'm the only one awake right now, here in Mexico it's 3 AM haha xP] anyway! I love this *-* I NEED to read the next chapter! (who cares if tomorrow [today] I have to go to school? I need this more than I need my breakfast!) I'm already addicted to this haha! xDD YAY! :'B So thank for writing this! x'3 Yay!

-Karla :D
5/16/2013 c1 karlaserna
Ooooohhhh I'm already SO interested in reading this story! :'D Omg I know this was the first chapter but... XD Can't help it! I already love this story! Hahaha YAY! I love this! :'D I'll keep reading! Btw! I loved how you got them all in character! x'3 Yay! Good job! You deserve a red velvet cupcake! *Karla gives you a red velvet cupcake* Don't worry and be happy! Hahaha YAY! :'D

-Karla :'3
5/3/2013 c4 bade
can the thing with the yellow eyes be after jade
4/29/2013 c4 2Jeremy Shane
Groovy Chapter & More Please
4/28/2013 c4 6Where Butterflys Never Die
Whoa my gosh! *hands over number for ghost busters* This reminds me a little of ...I thnk it's paranormal activity or something where the little girl could see ghosts. Lol. Spooky. O.o
4/28/2013 c4 21Gilliesnation
Wait... So is the guy's daughter mortal or Immortal? I'm so confused
4/22/2013 c3 Guest
Omg this is soo good keep on writing :)
4/22/2013 c3 2Jeremy Shane
Groovy Chapter & More Please
4/22/2013 c3 21Gilliesnation
Awe I feel so bad for bailey. The next chapter you should let beck and jade experience the guy that was in baileys bedroom so they believe
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