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5/22/2014 c5 12Not Enough Answers
I love your take on the young Jack Napier. I'm really interested to see where this story goes!
1/27/2014 c5 2TheYoungestCrazySister
Is Elise going mad? Because the stunt she pulled hardly seems like something a sane person would do. And this crime lord is depicted perfectly! I can't wait to see what happens next!
1/27/2014 c4 TheYoungestCrazySister
Ooooh, I wonder what Conner's been selected to do? Something illegal, I'll bet. And I really must compliment you with how accurately you've described these two kids' trauma. One acts as though the accident didn't happen and doesn't talk about it; she vainly hopes that this will make the scars fade with time, and she can even pretend it didn't happen. The other is lost in his own world, shuts out everyone and everything, and and refuses to think of anything else. You've captured the two different ways of dealing with pain chillingly accurately.
1/27/2014 c3 TheYoungestCrazySister
Is this Jack's memory? The reason why he lived in the street? Either way, it seems to have been warped, like bad memories often are. And the moments between 'Jay' and Elise are adorable, too! Keep it up!
1/27/2014 c2 TheYoungestCrazySister
Awww, that's so sweet! Is this the 'wife' Joker supposedly had? You know, when he said that he had a wife whose face was carved up by loan sharks? If it is, then I can actually believe the Joker giving himself a Glasgow smile. He already seems infatuated with this girl, and it's not nauseatingly sweet, either. Keep up the great work!
1/27/2014 c1 TheYoungestCrazySister
I love this! It's written so well, and I can truly imagine this being the beginning of the Joker's insanity. It's surprisingly in-character for him to have grown up on the streets. Momma Kate is delightful, too. I like her a lot:) Please keep up the good work!
5/28/2013 c4 7GracefulWolvesInTheNight
I can't believe no one's reviewed for this story yet! You have a fantastic hand at writing and it's incredibly detailed. I like the background you have going so far and I'm excited for the friendship with Tyler. I think it's going to be good for Jack :D

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