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1/22/2015 c4 2abandoned-fanworks
OK...I get stuff happens...people have lives...STUFF...But, no matter how much stuff is happening, you must promise that (sooner or later) you will finish the story
1/22/2015 c3 abandoned-fanworks
You want my advice...keep doing EXACTLY what your doing
1/22/2015 c2 abandoned-fanworks
Well, difficult to make write Sherlock's suicide when you don't really know what happened
4/14/2014 c4 A Fellow Reader
Interesting. Very Interesting. :3
11/26/2013 c4 5Smiling Dreams
UPDATE! Please. Okay, you know what? JUST UPDATE NOW!
11/9/2013 c4 The Wolf
Awesome. More. Thanks.
11/9/2013 c4 52Naisa
Nice banter between Merlin and Morgana :)
11/7/2013 c4 3TheDoctorWizardHolmes
10/28/2013 c3 Girl who dreams
Just do what your heart wants to do, and nothing else. Like that saying " just follow your heart".
10/6/2013 c3 TheDoctorWizardHolmes
Probably follow Merlin for another chapter. Please, update soon though! I love this! :)
8/22/2013 c3 52Naisa
Interesting twist - Merlin saving Sherlock! I think it would be great to see Sherlock's POV next :)
8/22/2013 c2 Naisa
Good POV of Sherlock and cliffhanger!
'A dim smog was settling over his mind palace' - really liked that line! :)
8/22/2013 c1 Naisa
I like how you've integrated the three fandoms together - Merlin being friends with the Doctor etc, and Morgana being the infamous Irene Adler? Brilliant!
I also liked how you changed Merlin's name to Martin for the modern day, I've not seen someone do that before but it makes sense, he would attract a lot of attention if he kept calling himself Merlin!
I see in your summary there's going to be some Mergana, I shall look forward to that! :)
8/1/2013 c3 Guest
Merlin... XD

I would be on my account but FF won't let me log in thru Facebook... It kinda sucks... -Favorite Daughter Of Hades
7/24/2013 c2 Guest
HOLD UP! You combined all my favorite ships and tv shows and put them into one story. IM IN LOVE WITH IT! I have an account called Merlinians. It's not the best account and I'm still looking for a story. If you wouldn't mind reading it and telling me what you think I would be greatly honored.
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