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10/13/2013 c7 Gaialy
Interesting idea. Especially taking into account that Annie is supposed to be back in the US soon, and with no info from her Auggie will call Eyal, the Mossad agent that he knows. Rescue again.
9/28/2013 c7 Guest
Please don't stop posting to your story, you have me so caught up in the women's relationship and want to read more.
9/29/2013 c7 4Sugar Stars at Night
I hope you update soon as I'm having 'Bystander' withdrawals.
9/22/2013 c7 14Taliahah
Like how this is building - and the way that Annie and Hena are getting along in the face of this awful situation.
9/21/2013 c7 3TuxedoCat42
I love how you are developing Annie and Hena's relationship, and it seems that it will be put to the test later.
9/21/2013 c7 6bouc0101
Thanks for updating, really like your store and really anxious to read when Eyal gets into the picture!
9/21/2013 c6 Guest
Very interesting, love your story, can't wait for you know who to come to the rescue. Love your writting style.
9/21/2013 c6 14Taliahah
Unfortunately I associate the name Tevye inextricably with Fiddler on the Roof! Which I think may be an incompatible image with what is to come...!
9/20/2013 c6 3TuxedoCat42
This is good! I can't wait for the knight in shining armor! I am so glad that you started posting this again!
9/20/2013 c5 4Sugar Stars at Night
And once more Annie is thinking with her heart. Got to love her for stepping in to protect a woman she didn't know by sacrificing herself. Thanks for bringing the story back to life.
9/20/2013 c1 14Taliahah
So glad you've started back on this - but didn't expect it to go here. Can't wait to see more.
9/19/2013 c5 MerryMayHam
WOW - Sex trafficking. What a frightening fix for Annie and Hena to in. Just finishing reading all five chapters and all I can say is... please update soon. This is a great story.
9/19/2013 c5 13kay.hayden
So delighted to see you posting with this story again, I've so missed the updates. You have a very interesting story line going and can't wait to see how Annie resolves their dilemma. Thank you for sharing.
6/17/2013 c4 14Taliahah
Hoping you'll continue with this interesting premise!
4/17/2013 c2 Guest
Looks like Annie is out to save Eyal's ex-wife from being a sex slave. Good twist.
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