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for Forgive the Past, Accept the Future

5/7 c44 Guest
So I can’t see the last time you updated and I’m not sure if your going to continue updating or is this a project of the past. Is there any way you can let me know? Thx!
5/4 c11 Guest
I do think you could slow down the pace of ruby and Toby growing on each other but other wise .. love it!
2/6 c12 5Grantspride
Tasha is obviously Romanoff aka black widow. Organ grinder is director fury and Robin hood is Hawkeye. What I want to know is how hermom had become friends with director fury enough to call in a favor and get her daughter out of trouble from some sort of hacking stunt gone wrong when she was younger.
7/26/2019 c2 Mr.Almond Brown
SWAIN's way of speaking is a bit out of the line since she's british, the vocabulary is a bit off and the grammar is alright but not perfect enough to be called an AI or VI(Virtual Intellegence).

ExMiss Matthews, your blood sugar is running low. Having a proper meal and rest is at utmost important or you will be taking the consequences of getting dizziness or lightheadedness, fatigue, fainting, dehydration, or etcetera. I suggest you stop the vehicle or i will be forced to contact the authorities to immobilize you and the car."
6/25/2017 c1 2Devinouse
My heart melts every time there is father daughter moments. It then gets stepped on when they argue. Then it gets jumped on by bratty kids, spilling heart juices everywhere when I realized that I was at the last chapter. Now my shitty heart monstrosity, now is now in a coma when it realizes the last update was at 2014. I read your bio and now my heart woke up but is still dangerously close to dying when it said its on hold. I can respect that, I just hope you don't completely disregard this story because its really, really, REALLY good. Like so good, its my headcanon type of good. Hope this review gives you inspiration (which I doubt it will) or at least makes you smile!
10/6/2016 c44 7gothicpoet0615
please update this story! i already love it so far, but you make some punctuation errors on a couple of words throughout the entire thing. please make a new chapter for this as well as make a sequel for iron man 2. wonder if she's going to tell him about S.H.I.E.L.D. in the sequel. you rock and keep up the good work!
9/29/2016 c43 Cotton Blossom Diva
Great story, hope you eventually continue it.
10/30/2015 c7 Anonymous
Only a guess but... TashaBlack Widow and phone dude is Nick Fury or Coulson. BTW this story is amazeballs!
10/20/2015 c44 miji.bates513
This is great. I can't wait for the next update! Please update soon!
7/31/2015 c1 Guest
Currently rereading this story since I am forever patiently waiting for an update (I will wait an ETERNITY for this story) and I'm remembering just how much I love it! You're an amazing writer :)
5/28/2015 c35 2laceycp28
There's not much Pepper in this story but still good.
5/27/2015 c44 2Aiphira
Any chance of you continuing this?
5/3/2015 c44 Guest
Love your work update soon!
2/6/2015 c44 Jen
Please tell me that you haven't given up on this story! I loved it so much I stayed at work an extra hour on a Friday night because I couldn't out it down yet :)
Love how it's going and really want to read more!
11/24/2014 c14 Bronze
I must admit it took me longer to figure out Fury then the Black Widow and Hawkeye. It really shouldn't have. I hope this is the beginning of Ruby and Tony bonding. Tony's trying so hard to be the father she needs while giving her space to be herself and grow. Maybe this skiing trip with just the two of them will help. Good work with this story. I like how you handled Tony.
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