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for Digimon: Return of the Virus King

1/19/2020 c36 Chong Foo381
I like very much chapter
pls update as soon as impossible for
11/2/2019 c36 37Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
wow this was so cool this army of digimon it was so badass seeing everyone togather with such a high power. I liked how you showcased the demon lords how dam near unbeatable they felt and whats worse they care the calm before the storm. what got me in the feels was seeing all the different digimon team up granted they are different incarnations like Gallantmon but it felt like a digimon equivalent to the avengers just dream teaming up. dynasmon I know he's on their side bu god what a upstart prat. I mean saying Leomon wasn't good enough to be a royal knight at least the dude thought the dark masters what did that guy do in seasons 1 and 2? well I guess every group has one. it was cringey how Rachel saved salamon just how easily they could have been caught was uncorfortable I'm just glad they were able to escape into the vents before hell broke loose. Omnimon oh man this was brilliant tai and matt's speaches and aww dude when I saw him in the movie it blew my mind away. I mean the guy is dam legendary and to think he could be born from agumon and gabumon the two head mascots of this fanchise is so cool and to see him work with fan faveroutes like inperdialmon, Gallantmon and alphamon is so cool. great chapter man
10/25/2019 c35 Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
wow this chapter if I got to be honest its a little bit of a dream come true, simply by the soilder uniforms. when I was a kid me and my dad went to france for a holiday and I had didimon in my head and I playing digimon in the hotel imagining season 1 and 2 in my head. Made up my own battles, stories but one thing I remembered was that they were in the real world waiting for a super intense battle. it was dark and the kids were wearing milltiary outits for the situation. it just made me reminded of something, one thin I really loved about this chapter was the relationships. I just fell in love with Matt in this chrapter he gave the perfect speech on how to handle a breack up and moving on OMG that just tugged me in the feels it just worked so well and how mature and nice he was with the situation it gave me so much repsect to him and you as a author. I also like this human team made togather with the familes of the digidestined it was cool a x files team for digimon badass. Plus new demon lords like Lucemon and Belphamon gotta give you props you ain't a newb you know your stuff and those guys are some of the darkest of the dark, I think my only problems with the chapter was that black agumon and tai's agumon didn't have a scene togather before they left its just those two had a history and that moment felt like a good time for them to reconnect. my other is the passing of the goggles granted temporary but considering its significance it felt a little easily given to your oc I didn't feel a zap in my back like chris had not reach a emotional growth stage yet where wearing them felt meaningful no offense but other than that it was a great chapter and I look forward with all this new cool content awesome work dude
10/12/2019 c34 Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
dam Kari this really hit me in the feels. I just remember from season 1 when she made her last sacrifice. it never goes away I just love digimon and everything about and when she hugged as many of the partners she could if they other digimon where there I'm pretty sure she would hugged them too. Just this idea of goodbye it hurts I don't like goodbyes they always suck. I like how you protayed BWG and beelzemon there just chracters who never met but as fan I wish they did due to their simmiler personalty I like how you did them togather. Now things will get harder way harder if they thought this battle was though they seen nothing. great work my freind
10/11/2019 c34 Sagicknight
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