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5/20/2020 c2 T H V B F C 2 E
Daniel-Tell us the Story about The Red Sea Moses!
Moses-Alright I’ll tell y’all the Story about The Red Sea After the tenth plague happened we left We were out in the Wilderness and A cloud of dust was coming it was Pharaoh and his Army! And the Sea was in front of us everyone was scared we were trapped I asked God what should I do? Then He told me Lift your hand over the Sea when I did the Sea parted! It made us a path of dry ground!
Joseph-No way that is amazing y’all walked onto the other side over dry ground? Awesome! Then what happened?
Moses-Pharaoh’s Army used The same path when they did the Sea attacked them and came back together
Meshach-No way get out the Sea attacked Pharaoh? That’s awesome!
Moses-Y’all like that?
Joseph-Moses the Story about y’all going over the Red Sea amazing!
5/19/2020 c1 T H V B F C 1 E
Daniel-Where are we?
Moses-We’re in Egypt
Shadrach-y’all left here after The Plagues happened to Pharaoh
Joseph-You lived here as slaves?
Moses-Yes the Israelites were slaves here to Pharaoh and I freed them
Joseph-The Red Sea parted when you raised your hand over the Sea
Moses-Ha ha yes that is true the Sea parted
Meshach-I cannot believe that the Sea parted when you lifted your hand over the Sea
Joseph-I didn’t know that God blew over the water all night! I thought He parted the Sea by the morning not blow on the water all night!
Moses-Ha ha ha it’s true we walked on dry ground and escaped from Pharaoh
Joseph-No way get out! You all walked on dry ground?
Moses-Yes we did read the story about The Red Sea yourself it’s true it will tell you what happened if you want I can tell y’all how it happened
Joseph-Oh do tell us Moses how it happened
Daniel-We want to hear the Story about The Red Sea!
Moses-Ha ha I can see y’all want to hear the Story don’t you?
Joseph-Tell us!
5/14/2020 c29 Guest
this story was so good best SYOC I've ever read. Aria Jamie and Zane were my favorites long live team Equality :'(((
1/24/2016 c6 25Quiet Waters
All these explosions, that'd leave me to wonder: If he was to fix a landmine, would it explode too? And how many digits would he lose? :D

Good what you did with the name thing! I'm doing something really similar to that in my newest competition story!

I don't like how probably most of the contestants are from the US. Just saying. Neither do I like the overly violent or tragic backstories SYOC OC's commonly tend to have.

It was also kind of a disappointment you just rehashed the Fall Into Lady Liberty with Zane. After seeing what you did in the Japan episode, I expected a little better from you.

Then there is Daniel's side story. And I feel a little conflicted about it. At one side, it was some pretty neat character development for him. But on the other hand, it seriously messed with the pacing and despite the involved development focused on Daniel for way too long and too much.

But at least the humor's still great! So if you keep that up, then I won't bring it up again!

1/24/2016 c5 Quiet Waters
I'll start off with something that has irked me a little these past chapters, namely that you let all the attractions happen rather quickly. I mean if I remember correctly, the first interaction between Deylanie and Aidan started it almost immediately. Not just that but, and then I have to admit that I do not speak out of experience, these kids act so hormonal in general!

But that's enough about that for now, let's talk about much more important things!

Emma and Zane have a good thing going as they can cover both their teams and who should be kicked if necessary! The blind spot that is Team Einstein may just become a problem later on!

Speaking of Einsteins, Viktoriya got herself nicely out of the crosshairs after last challenge!

Wait, Xavier helped his fellow contestants? That's more democrat than I expected!

Jamie really shouldn't bring his kittens out into the open! The Total Drama Jumbo Jet may be a flying coffin, but at least you have no chance to lose your pookies before it plummets from the sky!

Even though I liked the interactions between Emma and Holly in previous chapters, I should've seen it coming from miles away that Emma was going to use her to get Jerome out!

Speaking of Jermone, it's a shame to see him go. Not because I found him that interesting, but because he got the short end of the stick concerning Xavier.

All in all, a pretty decent episode!

1/24/2016 c4 Quiet Waters
That song turned out to be unexpectedly fitting!

I was tempted to complain about it, but you've proven me wrong! This isn't going to be a rehash of canon TDWT just with OC's! And some what to make it official! The commercials were really fun to read (And Xavier proves that it's not just foreign PEOPLE who don't get along with him and vice versa)!

Not that I complain very much about Lucien being eliminated and all, but his whole elimination felt a little... unfair? I don't know but Shaylie just unceremoniously throwing him out without being reprimanded... I wonder if that's a foreshadow of some kind.

Despite the fact that I'm a little sick of Japan constantly being placed on a socket, this has been my favorite episode so far (Not that that means so much after only 4 chapters)!

1/24/2016 c3 Quiet Waters
You have a really good taste in what songs to reuse for this story! You're just making me wonder which you're going to use next!

To be frank, that isn't just a crocodile-agitator, that's about an everything-agitator! :D

Hmm, I feel like the finish was a bit rushed. IT was a little abrupbt once the crocodiles started to chase Team Equality (Which is a really great name BTW) and Chris didn't announce which team placed first.

BUT... Xena's elimination proved to be both unexpected and justified! The former because I thought she, like Xavier, would last longer and have something going for her, and justified because... well, that!

With another elimination episode on schedule, let's see what kind of crazy shenanigans they're getting themselves into at the place that is crazy shenanigans personified!

1/24/2016 c2 Quiet Waters
''We aren't cartoons!'' Aidan protested.

No, YOU aren't! You are a literature character! :D

Wasn't it a bit pointless to let everyone say what route they were going to take if you could just let the challenge start and declare who took which route? Because the way it is right now felt a little... forced.

However, contrary to what I said the previous chapter, the characters are, admittedly, slowly becoming more remarkable.

Well, you integrated the right sense of humor into the story, blending political and pop culture gags about. I like! I really like!

It was a fun little chapter, but there wasn't an elimination yet! But next chapter... next chapter there is no escape! I wonder who goes though! I'm tempted to say Xavier, but he seems like he has something going for him right now!

1/24/2016 c1 Quiet Waters
Generally, I'm a little against SYOC stories, but I heard good things about this one, so let's give it a shot. Surprise me!

I don't like Xavier for his statements, but he sure is a nice dump on the overly typical rightwing nut! :D

He does have a point though, what's with all the crazy names? :l

Well, to be precise, people who bought the 3DS early on got free access to several NES games, and later on, you could just buy them! So there was fairly little need for Holly to actually hack the system!

No inflight movie in EC? Eh, at least they'll dodge having to watch Last Holiday, or movie 43!

''For the love of Darwin?'' Finally, an atheist who gets his grammar straight!

The song was really great! You also used a great number to base it on!

So, as of this chapter, I got to say that the contestants feel particularly interesting, but there are still 28 chapters to change that!

Let's go on to the next chapter!

1/23/2016 c29 32Applauze
So hard to believe that this is the last chapter. The final review for this story. Honestly, when I started, I was so afraid that I wasn't going to get done in time, but now. I'm done almost a week in advance. This story had it's ups and it's down, but I'm so glad that not only did I read it, but I increased your review account. I honestly am the only guy on the forum who ended up reviewing this. XD Either way, you must be pleased with the effort I made. So let's do this..

I love on how Jamie get's to select the final challenge. Jamie's already to win this thing. I just got a good feeling about him and I don't know yet.

Finally! After everyone in the book shouts at Daniel about Emma, he sees the truth. Boy he must be the biggest fool right now. He's probably a king of fools due to him being so blinded the whole season. The truth hurts, but he finally sees it. Now they're all untied against Emma to let Jamie win, expect for Female Hulk.

Even in his wheel chair, Zane is determined to help Jamie out in the best way. Emma is being a savage and for a moment, it looks like that she's gonna win, but what's this?

Holly. Ah, yes. She stops Emma and ALLOWS JAMIE TO WIN! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm so happy right now. Jamie deserved to win and he won! My favorite character won the game and the million dollars.

Oh Izzy. That money ain't for you and the ending was just.. WOW!

I'm so sad since I can no longer review this story, but I completed it for you for the swap and this left such an impression on me that I'm gonna favorite this. It deserves to go into my favorites.

Reviewed for the Read and Swap. Until next time around!

1/23/2016 c28 Applauze
Daniel and Emma are ruthless in their method to get to the Hawaii. They will stop at nothing to get there, either if it means to blow up half of the states to get there. I'm sure they wouldn't go that far, but still. They have Sierra, whom I'm surprised you introduced, boxed in, Brick and Jo.. being Brick and Jo and Izzy acting like her psychotic usual self.

Jamie has finally came back around. I'm sure that he and Zane will have things patched up by the end of the story. Ouch, Zane just keeps getting injured. I do hope they have good doctors over there in Hawaii.

Yay! Jamie's in the final two! He's made it! He made it! *cues party music* And a tie?! Oh this will be good. cx

One more chapter left! This is exciting! Sorry for the short review, I'm just wanting to get to the end already.

1/23/2016 c27 Applauze
So here we are.. The final three chapters of this story. I'm quite excited for what the final three layers to this wonderful and complex story will be like. Honestly, I'm sad to be ending this today, but I must not dwell on that. It's my duty to finish this, no matter how much hesitation I have. Let's get started.

Emma knows how to cover up her tracks. She nearly killed Zane, or more like murder him in a attempt to prevent him from telling her story to Daniel. Daniel is sure an ass to Zane right now. He's so totally going to be blindsided by Emma when they make it to Hawaii.

Jamie is sure giving Zane a hard time. His philosophy is the truth of how he felt like by Zane. I seriously felt my heart pounder when I thought that Jamie was a gone, but thank god Zane was able to convince him otherwise. Perhaps this is the chance for both dudes to maybe try to respark their friendship.

And Chris and Chef had some great comedy in this chapter over the ocean. It would've been hilarious is Chef had shoved the host out of the helicopter.

So Jamie has basically taken over the story. You should've probably said.. Co-written with Jamie am I on the summary, but that's just me and my opinion.

1/23/2016 c26 Applauze
So here we are on the Final Aftermath. The final few chapters of the story. So hard to believe that I'm even this close to finishing probably your greatest work on this site. Well, this one won't be too too long of a review since it's an aftermath. Typically, review very by chapter depending on how much I feel like saying.

I liked on how Aria is afraid by everyone. xD The poor girl doesn't even have a chance to explain herself since it was made public on national TV.

Bridgette's jokes fall more flat than a party on bad wheels. That probably didn't even make a crap of sense, but it shouldn't. That's how bad I think Bridgette's jokes are. Geoff is the one who has the humor in the relationship.

I love Aidan is sticking out to Daniel. So close to winning. Gah, I want either Daniel or Jamie to win now. I'm torn with who to pick. At least both he and Jamie won an advantage. Sucks to be Emma right now.

Sorry for probably the shortest review of this whole story. I'm attempting to make my final three reviews a bit longer.

1/22/2016 c25 Applauze
You have no idea how much I'm smirking right now. This chapter was filled with so much drama, so much many plots all in one bottle. Time to dissect the juicy parts of this story.

Oh snap. After so long, the juicy plot is finally revealed. The betrayal. Jamie's world just came crashing down. He must be full of so much hurt and pain. That hurt is going to lead to anger. I can understand both Zane and Jamie's pain since I would be in both shoes if something like that happens to me.

I love how Jamie makes a clear reference to Zane by comparing him to the friend who stabbed Caesar to death. Jamie finally slammed the door on Zane, but I don't think that door will be closed forever.

And Izzy explodes the plane, but Zane is eliminated. I think he deserved that for what karma did to him. Now the final three is on it's way and the end is now upon us.

1/22/2016 c24 Applauze
I'm slowly edging closer and closer to the end of this story. Just about five chapters to go. I should be done by tomorrow at this rate and that excites me a bit since I honestly don't want to end reading the story, but alas, all good stories come to an end. Time to dive into another review.

So now we get back to one of the better challenges in WT canon. I really enjoyed this one very much so I'm excited to see what happens.

Of course Chris would be the one who crash into a historical monument. So I guess that you should let Chef drive the plane from now on.

Zane is making enemies left and right. At this rate, he may not last much longer on the show. I liked how they all laughed when they saw Xavier's statue. Of course, I wouldn't have mind seeing Xavier's reaction since he must have all kinds of statues at his house.

I loved the song in this challenge! Probably one of the best songs in this story. I like how it came from Hercules, since I love that movie by heart and I knew what song you was using.

Lucian needs to learn not to hit a girl. That's what caused him, and when will Emma finally be voted off? Find out on my next review (eww.. I sounded like Chris there for a moment.)

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