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for Harry Potter and the Shell of the God-King

3/16 c10 jimmy.oz
Pretty good so far needs more updates though.
2/11 c11 201Marcus Rowland
Must have missed this when you updated - There is something very wrong in the wizarding world if they government is seriously concerned in deciding what clothing school kids can wear.
1/27 c4 Guest
This story would be better without the weird harem shit. I also refuse to believe that a being of the like that Luna now hosts would be content sharing him with anyone else
1/21 c11 109c-wolf
Sorry I ran late to it. but glad there was a new chapter added
10/15/2022 c11 ffntfy456
I like what you're doing with Tracy. She's a good character here.
10/10/2022 c11 guestinator
Still waiting for the next 3-5 chapters to be published to finally catch up to the original story. More so sense 99% of this is the exact same so not sure why this is taking forever to get done.
10/9/2022 c10 marcus nightfire
So glad you updated this fic Is my favorite
10/8/2022 c11 amortentiate
Very nice update. Fun one too.
10/8/2022 c11 3Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. I am sorry if I am being rude or annoying you with my review; I don’t mean to be rude or annoy you with my review; I just really enjoy your story a lot.
10/8/2022 c11 Mr.BrownOptometrist
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
10/8/2022 c11 2Jack Inqu
Tracey has stayed very busy during her school year; I'm curious how much she's actually earned for herself. Also, very interesting vision she had...

Well, Fudge is about as useful as ever, unsurprisingly. I wonder if/when Percy will wise up. Still, at least that left the more reasonable authority figures to actually make decisions.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
10/8/2022 c11 dragonnargus
Ahhh... this story still bring me joy whenever a new chapter came out. Thanks you.
10/7/2022 c11 AngryOmelette
10/7/2022 c11 Mugen-Muse
Indeed. Now if only someone could convince Dumbledore to share his many hats. Honestly, it would be funny if Fudge had succeeded in reducing Dumbledore's power to just that of the school's headmaster and those that end up filling the other positions turn out to be good people who make Fudge regret his accomplishment. Mostly by how the Death Eaters reduce their financial support as they verbally tear into the man with or without any magic being involved.
8/21/2022 c10 Shadowkanji
I really this can't wait till the next update
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