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for Harry Potter and the Shell of the God-King

9/13 c13 dragon slayer of death 98
please tell me betsy is in the harem
8/25 c21 EmpressErena
PLEASEEEE continue this, this is so funny and so cool
8/5 c21 reptoholic
So much potential. I have a few suggestion though. As of now she is looking to the future, but not truly making steps towards it. They need to look for females that will help them in this regard. Powerful Mutants and goddesses if you are adding Marvel into this. There are so many options over some low class witches. If you are going the angel and buffy rout there are characters from that series as well. ... He needs to learn more esoteric magic. Also why give Hermy the library that is suppose to be the biggest in europe?

Story has potential but you need to choose characters based on which series you are adding. I imagine the green girl could be shehulk, poison Ivy or gamora... I am confused on which are all going to be crossovers. There are so many better potential mates than HP if you are adding marvel into the mix.
Keep up the good work
8/5 c20 reptoholic
8/5 c19 reptoholic
keep it up, needs more actions instead of filelr
8/5 c18 reptoholic
8/5 c17 reptoholic
curse themmmm
8/5 c16 reptoholic
lmfao yesss
8/5 c15 reptoholic
8/5 c14 reptoholic
cute, I don't mind incest when it is part of your main character, but having the relationship on an OC with no explanation confuses me. It seems more acceptable when we know the emotional reasons for it, but just lustful ones like you showed earlier.
8/5 c13 reptoholic
8/5 c12 reptoholic
yesssssss he is not a whimp
8/5 c11 reptoholic
8/5 c10 reptoholic
hahahahahahahaha Please have him get laid
8/5 c9 reptoholic
lmfao! Hope he becomes better than he is
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