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for The Romantic Misadventures of Sarah Williams

4/19/2013 c2 6Viking Eggplant
I was so excited to see the alert for this story in my inbox when I got home this evening! I always enjoy your writing and I'm looking forward to the next installment!
4/19/2013 c2 FrozenPride
Aaaah! WELCOME BACK! I had a fangirl freak-out moment when I saw this story in my inbox XD
As for the story, agh! Unicorns in lawn mowers, tea- drenched Ludo, goodness I've missed you!
Perhaps it contained a ship? yes, yes it does. The best ship in the universe.
And the bird hat always makes my day XD
I am very much looking forward to the rest of this story!
4/19/2013 c2 Honoria Granger
Again splendid. Keep it coming. And lots of it, please. With lemon if you can manage it.
4/19/2013 c1 Honoria Granger
Oh, this is wonderful! Please keep writing and writing and writing. So funny, and so grammatically correct. I adore it! You must have ALL the chocolate.
4/19/2013 c2 7TheLadyBookworm
Oh my.. Here starts something awesome.
4/19/2013 c1 TheLadyBookworm
Does this mean Rosalinda is some where in here?
4/19/2013 c2 9Huntress09
You go Sarah! your a modern woman, you don't need True Love if it disrupts your carer!
(Goes back to depressingly Watch The Princess bride and whispering "as you wish" every time Wesley says it.)
4/19/2013 c1 1UmYeahSure
You'd think one of them would stop and think 'Why exactly has His Majesty been so happy lately?'
... Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part and looking too into things XD
4/19/2013 c2 thequietcorner
Favorite line of the chapter: "He is never pleased. And he'll get over it, the way he always gets over it; he'll put on somethin' shiny, dance around the throne room singing a sad song about how everyone misunderstands him, and then he'll bog a couple of goblins. Business as usual in the Goblin Kingdom." :D
4/19/2013 c1 thequietcorner
I love these lines: "But I know it ain't You Know Who. And before you ask," he interjected, as Sarah opened her mouth, "it's because he's been wearing a lot of beige lately."

At Sarah's puzzled look, he elaborated. "That usually means he's happy. If he was plotting something, he'd be wearing black."

4/19/2013 c2 2Autumn O'Shea Swan
Oh Sarah. Sometimes in the effort to escape, one inevitably finds their way unknowingly on the path to their destiny.
4/19/2013 c2 5MaidMarian17
Ahhhhhhhh! I flippin love this story! Update soon ;D
4/19/2013 c1 MaidMarian17
Hahaha! ;D this is too cute for words!
4/19/2013 c2 4Jade the Grey
*Gasp!* Lixxle's back?!
And with a story that looks like it's gonna be full of mayhem and shenanigans (and leather pants? Please?)
Looks like I'll be keeping a very close eye on my inbox!
4/19/2013 c2 7Desteni
Oh! A new story how fun! And it's really cute so far. I'm intrigued to see how this situation ends up for our heroine!
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