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for The Romantic Misadventures of Sarah Williams

4/19/2013 c2 Nichalia
Oh no, True Love, don't do that! Rats. Come on Sarah... Let's pray for that First Kiss to go to the right bit of royalty. These two can out-stubborn rocks. When will we see you know who bust out the black armor and glitter? Yum yum. A new story, how exciting!
4/19/2013 c1 Nichalia
Fantastic, a second adventure and True Love! Will there be adult-type touching? And chickens, oh my... looking forward to the dragon, though!
4/19/2013 c2 MinkyT
Oh no! This can't be true!

I am right in to this story already as you can see. I love the humour of your writing, it gives stories like this real depth, and provides a lovly contrast to serious musings and high adventure ( of which I'm sure there'll be lots).

And I love how you wrote the Hat's dialogue - his 'Kinky' comment had me giggling again.

Thanks for the story so far. Can't wait for the rest.
4/19/2013 c1 MinkyT
Lixxle! Dragons! Chickens! Does it get any better than this?

I gave to say the line 'It was the facial expression equivalent of 'piece of cake' and it made his eyelid twitch' made me snort - just perfect.

And a second chapter up already. Marvellous stuff.
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