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for The Romantic Misadventures of Sarah Williams

6/4/2013 c7 Arianrod
I'm so glad you're back! I read your stories and waited for more and I startet loosing hope, and you are back, that's amazing :)

So, where can I read this original story?

And of course, I loved this one, it contains all sad true about mortal men... Poor Sarah and poor us, the other girls who ain't One True Love of Goblin King. And really, I think Gordon could be brave a little bit earlier than one night before wedding - weddings are rather expensive in these days, aren't they?
I'm sorry for my bad English, not my mother language, I'm just learning and I have to say, learning is much more pleasant since I found your fanfictions.

Best regards and srsly, thank you for writing
6/1/2013 c3 BlackEyePea
I like how you get Sarah right – her combination of brattiness and sweetness, her selflessness and selfishness, and above all, her (only sometimes) misplaced stubborness
5/23/2013 c7 42Kryss LaBryn
Oh, now THAT was definitely a fun and delightful ending to a very entertaining story! Bravo!

Urk, now dinner's going to be late. Priorities, Kryss, priorities! *Grin*

May I also say that I love your icon? XD I'm very fond of the matching "Envy" as well, lol (even if I did have to explain it to my husband, ouch).
5/23/2013 c6 Kryss LaBryn
"But...hang on-do you hear that? That creaky, slithery, glittery sound?

That is the sound of the Goblin King sliding into his best pair of leathery, crotch-enhancing pants-and it's all for you. Hold on, he's coming..."

5/23/2013 c5 Kryss LaBryn
Hehhhhhhh. Nice.
5/23/2013 c4 Kryss LaBryn
I totally didn't log in for my last review, did I? *Facepalm* I was expecting it to complain that I hadn't logged in and to give me the option when I hit "Post" and then it didn't. XD That was me about the mead, anyways.

Ugh, yes. Tongues. Tongues can go very nicely with kisses, but not when they're trying to imitate a break-dancing salmon.

I was extremely fortunate with my own first kiss; he looked like Kiefer Sutherland (circa "The Lost Boys") and knew what he was doing. It was very nice indeed.
5/23/2013 c3 Guest
Aw, what a great end to the chapter! Ha ha, poor Sarah. Maybe she'll get a second chance at True Love. The Princess Bride certainly didn't think it was anything to sneer at! *Grin*

Also, Sarah and her friends should try a decent mead, or a metheglin (which is a mead with herbs added to it) or melomel (mead plus fruit). Had a lovely one once that was flavoured with mint and lemon...

Not that horrendous, sticky commercial liqueur that *calls* itself "mead"; I mean the real thing. Because it tastes like a summer meadow and is delicious. Picture a light white wine that tastes only of honey and flowers... Yum.
5/17/2013 c7 Ayjah
LOVED it from start to finish :)
5/15/2013 c1 2amokeh
Oh! A new story! This makes me so happy, I can't even tell you! I know I'm posting this on chapter 1, but I've read all the way through and I love it all. :D Thanks for re-visiting this fandom. *hugs*
5/8/2013 c7 The Three March Hares
Noooo! You can't leave us so soon! I was feeling all squishy and warmish with all that First Kissing and adult touching! (Sniff) At least you will finish Christmas Pretty.
5/8/2013 c6 The Three March Hares
Squee! Glittery crotch goodness on the way!

I love your use of the firies. And permanent marker. And weather vanes.
5/8/2013 c7 Duchess of Blueberries
Aww, what a wonderful ending!
5/7/2013 c6 7Pan's Box
I laughed myself silly with this one! I thought I'd reached the best bit of the chapter, and then it got better!

You make me smile. Have a Goblin King.

Pan x
5/6/2013 c7 3Evara Silvaen
Excellent :3
5/6/2013 c7 6Arciere
Absolutely gorgeous.

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