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for My Dorky Neighbor Can't Be This Cute

1/17/2019 c12 40Tsukimine12
I loooooved this. Like you have no idea.
Edd is cute and adorable, but the sass! In many fics they forget that Double Dee is actually really sassy más playfull, he's an Ed after all, but they make him so fragile...
Anyway, it was an amazing fic. Thank you for sharing this sassy masterpiece!
Loved it!
9/22/2017 c1 7Roselleoffthewallflower
This was a good read. You should write a second one of this.
9/15/2017 c12 Inflorescence 17
Wait a minute. Is that the end? Nooo please you just can't do this to me! I need more of this glorious storyNow I'll have to check out your profile to see if you have more kevedd stories. If you excuse me, I'll do that right now. Love and kisses <3
9/15/2017 c11 Inflorescence 17
O .God. I just LOVED Double-D reaction towards his parents, it feels so real and not only that but you also got me feeling the same way as him. Who do they think they are talking about Kevin like that? And don't even get me started on their way of parenting (or more like lack of). Ok I'm angry now. Gosh, love your writing, love your story and practically love you by now <3 Keep up with the amazing work!
10/2/2016 c12 Guest
Wow, this was just perfect. One of the best fics I've ever read;)
12/20/2015 c12 1Minniemouse0317
More more more! So amazing! (:
9/19/2015 c12 brookbonk1638
you should make a spin-off of this
9/19/2015 c10 brookbonk1638
We can do each others makeup. XDD IM FUCKIN DIYING
9/19/2015 c8 brookbonk1638
all the puns . I LOVE IT XD
9/19/2015 c7 brookbonk1638
9/19/2015 c6 brookbonk1638
omg im *fighting* back tears i loved this sappy stuff
9/19/2015 c5 brookbonk1638
i smiled this ENTIRE chapter i love the writing WAYYYYY more unique then other ones where its pretty much just s3x between Kevin and DoubleD i LOVE THIS :DDDDDD
9/19/2015 c2 brookbonk1638
fucking love sassy double d i wish he was like that ALL the time in the original show but once in a while he would give sass loved that show
8/13/2015 c2 1A.killers.heart
I love how you caught double d's sassy attitude just like that way he is in the show awesome story
8/12/2015 c12 3bookwormcathy
i think the memory was sweet
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