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for The Storm That Chased The Wolf

9/8/2019 c2 1nichellemarie
I'm devastated that this story was never finished it is still one of the BEST stories I've read on here. Hope you are doing ok
11/6/2018 c5 nichellemarie
Will you finish this AMAZING story
11/19/2017 c7 nicole.howe.737
I know that it's been a while, (understatement), but is there any chance of an update, conclusion or even a dot point summary? Pretty please I really need to know what happens next! please, please, please
5/30/2016 c7 1isabelle jane smith
Pls Pls Pls update
3/7/2016 c1 1nichellemarie
The wait is unbearable. Please update this treasure. Don't abandon it
5/20/2015 c6 nichellemarie
I know it has been a while but please update this. It is one of the only stories that has ever truly made me feel the characters' emotions to such a degree that I cry along with Rose and feel her pain in my heart. It is fantastic and doesn't deserve to be abandoned.
2/28/2015 c7 furionbeauty
Please, please continue this story! This is amazing! Keep up the awesome work. :)
1/24/2015 c7 Dsnynutz
Such a good story and I love the characters you've created. I hope you haven't abandoned this.
1/27/2014 c7 nichellemarie
It has been so long please update. I'm desparate to read what comes next and how the doctor plans to fix it or if he plans to fix it. I check my email near obsessively looking for an update from you. Please please update.
1/18/2014 c7 9GalaxyVeined
Really good add more soon please!
1/12/2014 c7 Burnnoticegirl30157
More please
12/25/2013 c7 1pikapower555
This is getting really intresting! Please update soon!
12/10/2013 c7 Guest
Need to know what happens! Please update soon! You're leaving us so very curious as to see what will happen! Again update soon!
11/30/2013 c7 Guest
I love your writing! Can't wait for the next update!
12/1/2013 c6 Dreamcatcher56
I had such hope that the Doctor was realizing what he had and was going to open up even if it was briefly; sadly I believe my hopes are going to be dashed!
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