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3/8/2016 c15 1Capt. Jack Harkness
Wow! This awesome! This story is very well crafted. I can't wait to see what happens next!
4/16/2015 c14 1PrincessArien
Now that Dheginsea's lies have been brought up...I have to say, he has always been a character that I have not had very much fondness for, maybe even you could say I hate him, but regardless of what emotion it is, it's a *very* strong dislike for the crusty old fossil. He's by no means evil or anything like that, but he's a misguided, stubborn, old fool who's done far more harm to Tellius than he ever did good if you ask me. One of his worst decisions I think was barring Goldoa to all outsiders and not having anything to do with the rest of Tellius for the entire time that Ashera and Yune slept.

As for Yune not appearing to Sephiran, I had always assumed that at the time of Radiant Dawn she had only just sort of awakened (perhaps due to the Mad King's War) and started showing up in birdy form }_} Which by that point kind of would have taken talking Sephiran out of his Woobie Destroyer of Worlds plot off of the table...
4/16/2015 c13 PrincessArien
This story is great...I'm *always* a real sucker for a good AU, and this has turned out to be an absolutely marvelous one. Sephiran has always been one of the more interesting and fairly enigmatic characters in the Tellius Duology, so this is quite a fun little look into his character, I can't wait to see where you ultimately wind up taking this. (And as a little aside, I'm not sure how intentional it was on your part, but I enjoyed the sort of reference to soundtrack pieces in Fire Emblem that use the theme "A Knight's Oath"...or known as "Vow" in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) Keep up the good work, I don't think I really have a single negative thing or bit of constructive criticism to give...at least not at this time. If I ever feel there's an area that you could improve on, I won't hesitate to state it as politely as I can. In any case, you've earned yourself a loyal reader here, can't say that I'll always leave reviews, but you can be rest assured that I will be reading every single chapter.

And as for Zelgius' Brand, I can't really explain why...but for some reason Wolf always seemed to stand out to me and feel like it was the best fit. Yeah, I know the Wolves are isolated out in Hatari beyond the Desert of Death...but Rafiel, and Naelah and Volug can't have been the first ones to have ever crossed it...*shrug* just my two cents on the matter.
3/30/2015 c9 Guest
Hm. You're a fan of Tolkien. You know Tvtropes. Your writing is good.
Plus, I like you version of Fire Emblem lore.

So yeah, you are awesome.
3/30/2015 c15 Guest
Yay ! Soren !
2/9/2015 c15 Undead Assassin
I can safely say that I'm looking forward to more if you decide to continue this. And good luck with uni, I know how much of a pain it is.
2/9/2015 c10 Undead Assassin
Not only am I interested in reading more of this story, you're tempting me to start up even longer to keep reading. I both hate and respect you for that, mostly respect since I don't need to get up early. By the way, the senators and Izuka were already on my 'needs to be stabbed' list in canon they are in this too. Won't be pissed if Izuka gets his soul eaten instead though.

Okay now to say something conatructive; I find your grammar to be above average so far (better than mine :p), the pacing seems appropriate and I'm not annoyed by that flashback arc earlier since it gave necessary back story. Good job and looking forward to the rest! Also, fave and following right now.
5/25/2014 c15 Sir Black Knight
Very interesting. Mages are certainly a complex group, are they not? It was about halfway through when I realized what you are likely going to do with the young branded mage in the future, and I must say that it is quite clever.

All of the gaps that you filled in appeared to make sense. But I must know about the magic language that you are using. Are you making it up? I was under the impression that the magic was written and spoken in the same language that the herons still speak. That is most certainly not what you are writing. Once again, I am not knowledgeable on the subject of ancient languages, magic, or anything else in that realm (save for spirit protection excuses). If one did wish to learn the ancient language, however, one would need only reverse a sentence written in Romanized Japanese.

Also, at this point I believe it is too late to switch Master Sephiran to Monsieur Valjean: You have made too many wizard cracks to turn back now.

It was a pleasure to read, as always.
5/25/2014 c14 Sir Black Knight
This chapter was very straightforward. As such, I have very little to discuss. I liked the way you wrapped up certain ends (I had been particularly bothered by the question of how one does track down a wandering sage).

In respect to the coffee geography, you are right in taking your liberties. I have also wondered at the workings of the world's geography, but I am not very educated in such matters and have dismissed all inconsistencies to breaks in patterns or to a magnetic pole being somewhere to the northwest of Daein.

And to your business about Yune, I would dismiss it as an unfortunate quirk of fate that Master Sephiran was not able to be righted. The heart and mind are interesting in the ways that they can be molded and changed. Outside influences have some effect, but the inner workings and ponderings can be much greater. Someone wise once said something along the lines of: "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny". At this point in the story, one can already see the snowball effect-a small bird flying by will not necessarily stop it.

Well done, as always.
3/2/2014 c13 Sir Black Knight
There is no need to flee. I find your portrayal to be nearly perfect. The emotion is perfectly acceptable if you consider such a past. Unfortunately, I can offer no more insight into...laguz heritage of certain persons than you can. The brand itself does appear to suggest the bird tribe, however the time lapse between the understandably undocumented sin and its effects have caused the truth to be lost.

I was pleased to see the tiny details incorporated. You seem to have an easy time recalling things that even I forget, such as Schaeffer's time in the military. The Petrine bit does not seem terribly out of place either, yet it does when you consider her later treatment of me. I do not remember a time when she even hinted of knowledge of my true identity after donning the blessed armor. Would she not recognize me after a long enough period of dealing with me? Or at least confront me about my parentage? Still, she does have raven blood and I do believe that the two of us had met before I took on this new persona. However, I am not sure how to respond to Petrine's implied actions in this chapter.

I had been awaiting this chapter since my first appearance so many chapters ago, and I can say with all certainty that you did not disappoint in the slightest.
12/29/2013 c12 Sir Black Knight
Your delving into the magical world is quite an informative break from what I know and am familiar with. Talking with spirits and magical runes are quite foreign to me no matter how much "my sister at Palmeni Temple" told me. As for the ancient language that you admit to bluffing around: you sounded genuine enough to pull the theoretical wool over my eyes even with a greater knowledge of the heron tongue than most boast. (I have gotten into quite the bad rhyming habit, have I not? "Ike alike" and "most boast"?)
Good job on working more people into the story (even if they shouldn't have been alive at the time).
Something I had meant to mention in my lengthy review of the former installment has to do with your comment on Izuka telling His Highness about the medallion. While such an idea holds water, it would make sense that The King already knew of such a thing based on his skillful use of the blood pact. However, my favorite theory is darker still: the one who told him was Master Sephiran himself. When focusing on the late King of Daein's plight to start an all-out continental war, it seems too much like a different scheme to create continent-wide war. I have to believe that the Mad King's War, as it is now being called, was merely a failed first attempt by my master to awaken the dark god in the medallion. The only problem with the theory that my master told King Ashnard of the medallion is the attempt taking place at about this time in your story to use the Galdr of Release. Unless the Serenes Massacre was not what lead Master Sephiran to his plans and it came before that, my master was not involved in The King's orinigal knowledge of such an artifact.
I enjoyed listening to you brag about your Tower of Guidance team. Believe it or not, my team favors the various laguz kings.
It is always a pleasure.
Sir Black Knight
12/29/2013 c11 Sir Black Knight
As always, I quite enjoyed myself while reading this installment of my master's journeys. To see his grand quest forming in such a way, I have to admit that you have pulled quite an interesting maneuver. It sounds so accurate that I feel as though I should stop reading so as to not learn any more information that my master has not seen fit to trust me with. However, as I feel a need to assist you in any way possible, I shall continue on.
As for the matter of young Pelleas, I could not agree more to your theories. Everything from his personality to the way he was treated by various persons involved seems correct down to minute details. I enjoyed your jab at his name, such information is not widely known unless a person is detail-obsessed or is familiar with Arthurian lore as you an I appear to be.
On that note, were you aware that I have been compared to a different knight of lore? The sword I keep, Alondite, is also the name of the sword of Sir Lancelot. Also, said knight spent much time mysteriously disappearing and even wearing black armor in various texts. That having been said, I am almost glad that connection was not referenced at the time Pelleas' name was.
The tie-in of affinity, I found to be quite clever, however, I would feel as though I were bragging if I were to state my strength after every time I signed my name.
The conversation near the beginning particularly struck me because very few people truly do stop to think about the nature of good and evil. I have heard many confused Crimean sympathizers wondering how on Tellius we of Daein have healers and light magicians when the equipment of both are said can only be used by those dedicated to serve good. My sword was not made to kill those who cannot defend themselves, but the fact that it does not is my restraint, and could do such dastardly deeds in the hands of another.
And that is how a planned couple of sentences grows into a soliloquy.
12/18/2013 c12 Aleaster
OMG Aran is the best! My Only problem with him was that his speed growth was bad, but I just abused the bonus experience mechanic to get him nothing but speed and hp after he maxed his strength, defense, and skill. I personally like the cameos of all these characters. The explanations of magic are also well thought out. About the story getting away from you, I totally know the feeling. It's just like, so many things to say and cool things that could happen just kind of pop up while you get through writing. Sometimes good, sometimes not. I thought that is was ok in this instance, didn't deviate too far, and didn't seem out of place with all that had been going on. (I never thought of giving dragonfoe to Aran, maybe that's why I've been stuck in the tower for so long...)
12/18/2013 c12 1NekoRomancer000
Dude, I liked this chapter. The world-building is well thought out and adds a depth not seen in most other fics.

Also, I am jealous. Your Aron ended up-speed blessed. Mine could barely double knights and generals! He did have high crit, but he was too slow. Practically everyone could double him...

If you do end up uploading the runes on tumblr, I'll check 'em out.

12/16/2013 c11 Aleaster
Man, I can't believe I didn't see this update! I really love what you do with ocs in this story. This is one of the all time best stories in the fandom, and possibly the site. The twists and turns that this might take, and following sephiran through it all... Characterization here is just wonderful all round. Thank you!
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