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3/26 c17 Guest
Definitivo quiero seguir leyendo más historias tuyas! escribes un limón expléndido! Tienes mucho talento! Ahora tengo una duda, podrías escribir alguna historia basada en el BDSM?
Otra cosa, soy main ashe, así que me emocioné demasiado cuando vi que escribías sobre ashe! Y Dimitri... me parece un éxito de OC!
Atentamente: Haru del Bosque
9/11/2020 c17 Guest
the one thing that bothers me... how did he get out of katas handcuffs..
4/8/2020 c17 Vegeta floor14
Hi, I work for Riot Sex Games (A new subsidiary in Wuhan) and I would like to publish this as the lore background for our new Frejlord character, Elsa. Elsa Frozenheart has a massive "Sword" and swings it like Garen's E (Meat Spin) for her Q, She eats lots of Frejlord dick so her W is a cum spit, E Frozen Cave, every PP that's inserted into her coochie gets frozen for 4 seconds (CC)(Don't say we didn't balance her!) Her R is Let it go, she finally let's go of her gender and reveal herself to be a succubus on her tumblr and pull the sword off to reveal her massive Penis, Her Passive is simp wing she summons simps every 9 seconds max 4(Similar to Yorik's Q) , We would like to add this lore (chapter 11-17) to our extensive visual novel of Tales From Ruterra (A new telltale game), Please get back to me before patch 10.12 3
11/25/2017 c3 Lu
Don't worry I like some actually story now and then, always enjoy your stuff. the sex is just a bonus, heh.
5/4/2016 c14 Guest
forward dis to rito naow
8/1/2015 c17 DarkHellFyre
Dude wow... You turned me off... I'm reporting you for unskilled player. But seriously? Really? I was having such a good time until Ashe said Avarosa Guide Me. Like damn... Such an intimate moment and it was ruined by that quote. XD Well Good job on the story!
6/6/2015 c17 Guest
dunno for the title but the fanfic was enjoyable and the end was pretty cute :p
1/28/2015 c17 SUPERFAN
I loved it. Every letter of it, it's the best fanfic lemon I've ever read! ️ I loved the background chapters, sex is better with a story. PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER LIKE THIS! I was entertained not only by the smut, but by the background too. I never thought I'd be entertained by reading smut background, BUT I AM! I'd write more but I have to study, love you lol
1/22/2015 c10 Guest
10/20/2014 c1 Megalandrys
You should rename this "From Freljord With Love." Kek.
10/18/2014 c14 Erindor
His passive is ridiculously broken. If he has 500 AP he has 600 bonus ad? So broken... He would be an ap Hiper-carry, with just so much damage that Yasuo would be like a gentle slap close to him. Passive would be kind of balanced if it was half that amount.
Just my opinion though.
9/21/2014 c15 Scoop
this fanfic is so good i read it in class and it gets me bang bang PLS CONTINUE _
5/2/2014 c3 aske
I'm happy with you stories they are amazing :-)
I'm confused with your gender are you a woman or a man?
3/21/2014 c17 Sir Anarchy
That last chapter was the sweetest shit I've ever read that it gave me diabetes. It was so cute when Ashe said she was a virgin and well, a personally liked how you wrote it. A fitting end for their story and I quite admired how Dmitri put her first.

I loved it, it was adorable.
1/25/2014 c2 rageythundi
I read the first 2 chapters and so far I got 3 things to say.
1. I liked how you based it somehow on master yi, do you play him too?
2. Please recheck your spelling and stuff before uploading, it will help your future readers on the reading :)
3. Freaking awesome and good job :D
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