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7/30/2013 c15 Guest
as long as we see lemons we dont care
7/30/2013 c15 kanjar
this is amazing and you should really finish it or to atleast he fucks ashe
7/30/2013 c15 Gerbil Brain
Happy times indeed that you at least gave us another chapter but can you at least try to make promised Ashe lemon? While I appreciate Sejuani's curves I feel like Ashe's are superior:D
7/30/2013 c15 pepexp2
Don't give up. The inspiration may come in the most unexpected moment ;) Short break is almost a blessing for it. Can't wait for more of your work. Me and countless people more :D
7/30/2013 c15 Noodlulz
Sejuani...-Drools- Boobs... hehe
7/29/2013 c15 Saladeo
following :)
7/29/2013 c15 85WaddleBuff
Sona. Please.
7/29/2013 c15 Guest
Of course we are reading!
7/25/2013 c5 Guest
Hhmm I wonder why it's spirits blade instead of spirit blade since he has only dealt with one spirit
6/25/2013 c14 Pikachux3
Makes moar plsss :3
6/20/2013 c1 Bron
Now come on another great fanfic dies...
6/2/2013 c14 Guest
Make his passive 2040% of his ap... i mean with 1.2%, if he has 1000 ap, he only gets 12 free ad... Other than that, keep up the good story :)
5/23/2013 c3 Bam
5/21/2013 c10 1PoisonRed
Ok. I've been trying to ignore it for a while, but I can't anymore, it's too funny )))) Evelynn is the WIDOWmaker, not the Windowmaker :)))) If you don't know the difference between widow and window, look it up, you'll be amused :D
5/16/2013 c12 Goreg
Very nice, cant wait to see Katarina with Dimitri 3
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