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12/4/2017 c1 Elizabeth
That story was like a poem.
1/27/2015 c1 Guest
I LOVE sprace so much its my fav slash! I really like how race is like debating and how you mentioned Spot not admitting to love because love was vulnerable!
6/5/2013 c1 18shinigami nanoda
Ah! Wonderful! I really love how this follows the solitaire- it's such a cool idea! I love how you write Race; his though patterns are so perfectly in character!
4/20/2013 c1 34Beth Rose Harker
This was really, really good. Intriguing for so many reasons - I love back stories and close character exploration, and this had elements of both of those things. Race's feelings for Spot were also amazing. I feel like this was a story that really captured how young the characters are, both in terms of Race's fear at telling Spot his feelings, and in terms of some of the more optimistic day-dreamy bits ("They would kiss, and the birds would sing"). Fantastic, tightly written, all around wonderful piece!.
4/20/2013 c1 41cassy1994
yay I love sprace!
4/20/2013 c1 WhenSonnySmiles
Genius. Where's the next chapter. I cant wait to read Spots reaction. I hope he feels the same and if not hopefully he'll let Race down easy. I can almost picture Spot runing away from his feelings and then later after Race has left him enough time to think, he rushes back into his life. :)

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