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for The Girl at Grimmauld Place

10/22 c11 1Nanettez
In the books Sirius had grey eyes.
10/22 c9 Nanettez
So in this story they knew Peter had betrayed them and Sirius is still locked up.
10/22 c2 Nanettez
She must have already been pregnant by the birth date in the first chapter.
9/2 c20 ImsebastianstanButter
I guess this was alright
9/2 c10 ImsebastianstanButter
This chapter was cute
9/2 c9 ImsebastianstanButter
"He was saddened by this, of course, as Sirius was the only other one of the Marauders that truly still remained, now that Peter had betrayed them and James was... gone." At this point Remus wouldn't have known that Peter had betrayed him and he would still be thinking it was Sirius and Peter was actually dead. Remus only finds out about Peter being a traitor just before harry in the third book.
9/2 c5 ImsebastianstanButter
Sorry but why has remus just left Izzy on the bed when she died hours ago. It's really weird.
9/2 c2 ImsebastianstanButter
Good chapter but there's one bit that makes no sense "Yes, she had wanted to be Mrs. Sirius Black" she can't have wanted to have been Mrs. SIRIUS Black.I think you mean just Mrs. Black. When you get married you don't take your husbands first name just his second name.
9/2 c1 ImsebastianstanButter
Is Charlotte Sirius daughter or something ? If she was born in 1982 I'm assuming that meant she was born while Sirius was in prison.
8/17 c19 James Birdsong
What a wonderful story.
8/10 c18 1Curse.Doll
Yay! Aw man that was such a cute little meeting. Is she going to have more contact with other Canon characters soon? Ooh and are you going to bring the Tonks family back into the story? I'm a sucker for Tonks/Remus interactions. Have an amazing day!
4/14/2015 c16 3Winter Frosts
I really like it! Please continue it, as I feel it's really good! People might not have reviewed because there are quite a few sirius has a daughter fics. But I really like the way you've done it! But one thing, you never really touched on how being a werewolf would affect Remus being a good father. It would affect it, because every month Remus would have to go, or take the wolfsbane potion.
4/13/2015 c2 HPNDOPDW00
Hello, I enjoy what I have read so far!

This is just an observation from what I read so far, if Charlotte was born in February of 1982 in October of 1981, how can Isabella not know she's pregnant? Now, I know that some infants are born prematurely, however, I would just like to warn you that things like this isn't attractive to some readers.

I did enjoyed what I have read so far!
8/20/2014 c13 Anonymous
This is brilliant you have to continue!
7/20/2014 c12 7TheDoctor'sAmazingCompanion
Awesome chapter! Please update soon!
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