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for Lackadaisy: Breaking

6/12/2018 c2 Guest
I feel a little sick from your beautiful writing. Rocky is my favorite character from Lackadaisy and I just had crepes. Wow. Just I honestly am getting misty-eyed from Rocky's death and I want to applaud you for that. I liked the little things in Mordecai's part the most in Chapter 2 the most.
2/19/2018 c2 RustyPete12
Poor Freckle... The life he's led. Nice fanfic, by the way!
7/24/2016 c2 79Triscribe

But, should the author of this wonderful comic ever follow through on a plot like this, I'm going to come blame you, got it?
2/28/2016 c2 32Hasty
Please add more. I would love to know where this is going. And darn you again.. I will have to eat pancakes soon.
2/28/2016 c1 Hasty
First of all, thanks a lot. I needed another fandom like I needed a hole in my head. Secondly, well done. I love the depiction of the funeral in all it's awkward glory. Trying to gloss up memories of a curmudgeon or dignify humorous memories is a lot of work, especially when everyone's biting their tongues so as not to speak ill of the dead.
12/22/2015 c1 CorpusClockwork
I read the first bit of the Lackadaisy comic and since then, I always thought that something like this would happen because of Rocky being Rocky, and then to have it happen ;-;...
3/23/2014 c1 12Anne O'Nimmous
Wow. That's... pretty powerful. It took me a minute to figure out who the funeral was for but then- man. Tears started welling, and my heart ripped a little. This is great. Don't ever stop writing. Ever.
9/27/2013 c1 Some Guy
It was really good! I think you could've done better with some of your writing. Like your incorrect way of using brackets. I found them a tad distracting and quite unnecessary for the most part (just a tad though). I just think you could've been a but more clever in incorporating what you wanted to describe in the pain text.

My ranting aside, it was really good as I went further and I did feel like I was reading the comic all over again for a while. You got the characters down pat!

Note: Please don't take my critiques harshly.
5/8/2013 c1 Asproy
That was great, Lackadaisy needs more writers like you.

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