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7/9/2016 c40 1AlBhedEyes
Hey, I just finished Crimson and Clover then this. Sad too see it isn't finished, but I'd like to say, out of all the fan fiction that I've read, I'm going to tell you, this was my absolute favorite. I would definitely love to see how this all ends. To know if Rikku is having a little boy or girl. I seen it's been a year since the last chapter was published, but I just wanted you to know, I'm in love.

Always, Alice L. Knightengale
12/12/2015 c40 Co1121
Please update! Pleeeeeeaaaseeee!
This is one of my favorites!
11/19/2015 c40 3Rawrbert


I have literally dedicated the past month to rereading this entire story again (probably for the third time or so because it's just so amazingly perfect and I'm still in love with your writing) and just. I love where you have taken everything.

The turn of events for everything! Ever since you embarked on this journey to write this piece of beautifulness, you have always stayed true to your writing style and your amazing amazing amazing creativeness. I have never been disappointed by you. As always you blow me away.

Here, I've brought oatmeal cookies for you. :D :D ;D

you are amazing, please continue writing and quench my thirst for more RiPa!
10/8/2015 c4 Alucard1s1k
while reading this chapter I stumbled upon an Al Bhed sentence that didn't make any since what so ever, "ayo wyhkyd ayoh zeccid tutr'd ayo?" I looked up the translation, "eay zangat eayn jissut dodh't eay?" I was just curious as to what you meant and if you could fix this for other nerds such as myself.
9/15/2015 c40 Guest
I know there hasn't been an update since January, but I admit I've still been checking every few days with the hope there is...haha, I miss this story :(
5/5/2015 c40 Kyral
So...I may have just spent the past month reading Crimson and this story. They are really good and honestly the fact that they don't have more favs is kinda a crime in my eyes. Anyway, kudos!
3/13/2015 c40 feeb
I wonder when the next update will be.. XD
3/8/2015 c40 Ryukku
I know I haven't had a chance to review recently, but I swear I'm still around! Another really great chapter, and more questions that I'm wondering about... nervous about Rikku and the baby's fate especially with the court case looming so close... rehashing Auron's story isn't going to be pretty, I can tell. Don't worry, life has been hectic but I'm always eagerly awaiting the next installment of the story!
1/16/2015 c39 Ryukku
So much tension...! Usually always have your story on another tab to refresh and see when there's an update! Really laughed at the last paragraph, such a romantic little vomiting scene there... I know this is all leading up to a huge plot point but I'm mostly really worried about Cid's reaction to finding out about Rikku's pregnancy and how she has to open up about the past all over again. That can't be a good thing for her mentality...
1/12/2015 c39 1RedGamer101
Heeeeeeey! I'm so sorry I haven't reviewed in so long! I've been so busy and stuff XD but I've finally managed to read everything...and I've got to say...FRIGGIN AMAZING! You still have that golden touch that captured my heart long ago! I hope little jelly stays safe and that all gets better! They've been through so much, and I can't wait to see how paine acts with a baby of her own. If you go that far.

Keep it up fanfiction goddess! :)
12/25/2014 c38 Ryukku
Still out here! What an unexpected turn for this chapter, everything was going so well too- what I'm worried about, what if instead of worrying about Paine getting locked up now all the "leads" are pushed onto Rikku? This entire time they've been focusing on how to get Paine out of trouble but with these medical records now it looks like Rikku could be facing something serious. Looks like Cid is gonna have to cough up some answers if he doesn't want to let his daughter face some serious consequences...

As always I love the little Viddy and Paine moments, and them being able to finally tell their friends was heart warming :) Always love every update, keep it up and thank you for continuing this!
12/15/2014 c1 Sam
Sheesh! You got all the feels in at the beginning and then the ending is just like Damn! What's gonna happen!? Loved the part where Rikku got hormonal and broke the heel off the super expensive display and wanting it to be her dad's head. x3 Cid is messed up with jerking Paine around and trying to make her take the fall for Auron. Baby boy Jelly or Cletus? Haha, can't wait for more. Thanks Dee! :)
11/22/2014 c37 Ryukku
Great chapter! Though I was sad when it was over, because I really want to know how they react toward the pregnancy announcement- the suspense is killing me! I feel like we're heading toward a tense part of their life, and the looming trial is making me anxious as well. I don't suppose it'll turn out as easy we think, huh? In any case...I'm worried about what will happen between Cid and Paine, and what Cid really did end up doing... Wonder what's up with Gippal, too! As always, forever satisfied and excited for every update :)
10/23/2014 c36 Ryukku
I'm becoming more and more frustrated with Cid, and more worried about Paine's future. If (rather when) Rikku and her find out the truth of what Cid has been up to, it's only going to make things even worse. Cid can't use Paine as a scapegoat, and once he finds out that Rikku's pregnant, yikes...

What a heated chapter though, I was on the edge of my seat for most of it! Really looking forward to the next one, and the little Lulu Wakka moments are always appreciated. Shakes fist at Tidus and Yuna for being as frustrating as ever :P
10/21/2014 c36 amantle
Ugh, freaking Cid. This is all going to blow up for him later when Rikku or Paine find out that he used his knowledge of Paine having a gun strategically, so his daughter wouldn't become even more suspicious about whatever-it-is. Lord, at least Paine owned up to having the gun, even if it took Rikku getting super pissed about it.
Cid, why?!
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