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10/4/2014 c35 1RedGamer101
LOVE IT! I'm sorry for not reviewing lately. Personal probs and all. Anyway great update and i like how its progressing so far! You're fantastic!
9/22/2014 c34 Ryukku
I knew checking every other day would pay off! I was so excited to see another chapter up, and even more excited to hear that you'll be more updating more often. :] I really did love this chapter, and especially the one on one time that Paine had with Gippal- it's so nice to really see a friendship like that fleshed out, and how truly unique and realistic it's become throughout the course of this fic. Along with that I cherish the little Raine Viddy moments as always, Paine enjoying the Chocobo Knights show with him was adorable. Further proof of how she's going to be an excellent mother.

I really can't wait for them to tell the others, and FINALLY Tidus and Yuna are ...hopefully sorting things out. Seems like it's been a thousand years. Ha, ha ha...

Keep up the amazing work as usual I'll always be lurking this site for an update!
9/22/2014 c34 amantle
The interactions between characters are genuine as always. My best friend and I have known each other for years and our relationship is similar to that of Gippal's and Paine's.

It's interesting, the way Rikku is realizing that there is another person inside of her, that it's not just herself "in her skin" anymore. And her interaction with Vidina was precious, "running away in slow motion".

Still curious to see what the heck is going on with Cid- though you've been boldly gesturing in a certain direction as to what his part in Auron's death was.

The anxiety they must feel is coming across well, especially at the end of this chapter when it was stated that they should wait to tel Cid until they "heard a heartbeat".

Thanks for continuing with this story! It's great as usual! :3
8/12/2014 c33 Guest
Life has been especially hectic but don't think I don't appreciate or have noticed this last chapter! I want to review it fully later...but as always the character interactions between everyone leave me so happy!
8/2/2014 c32 Ryukku
I read the chapter a few days ago, but couldn't get to properly reviewing it until about now. Actually teared up a bit at the end, never thought I would get so emotional over a fic but you truly have captured these characters in a believable, realistic world that is hard to not get wrapped up in. I was actually nervous and unsure of what their decision would be on the baby and it was a little comical to see how badly they avoided the appointment because they didn't want to talk about it. The jelly beans were a nice touch :] I'm always checking for updates, and I have to agree that it really has been a journey. I started reading this story years ago, and it's probably the only one that I've continued to read on a level such as this- I appreciate that you've taken the time to keep this story going, as amazing as it is. Thank you!
7/6/2014 c31 Ryukku
Amazing update, as always! It's always a good day when I come on to check and see that you've posted another wonderful chapter. I really enjoy how realistic you've written dealing with Rikku's pregnancy, as there's not many fiction out there at all that can so easily and realistically depict the variety of everyone's emotions and reactions toward it- that being said, you make it believable, and give the story so much more depth.
I'm actually kind of worried about their decision, as I'd really want to see them follow through with having a kid, even if the circumstances aren't right. I hope they're able to talk about it soon! And it's good to finally know this mystery man after SO many chapters, hahaha.
7/2/2014 c31 Demon Cat08
Paine and Rikku's awkwardness toward the pregnancy is adorable!
Great chapter as usual :)
So excited to read the next one :)
7/1/2014 c31 ZD South
I just wanted to say I loved reading Crimson and Clover. And though I haven't gotten the chance to read this one yet to date, that I love it so far. Thank you for writing it its been inspiring in my own writings.
6/29/2014 c30 Demon Cat08
Great chapter! I really love the car scene with Paine and Rikku, she was so cute with all her questions regarding Annie's attempt in kissing Paine...
6/14/2014 c29 Ryukku
Didn't get a chance to review earlier since I was so busy but I am loving this chapter! Paine is finally out and it's so sweet to see them together again- will add more later but just want you to know I am still following the story very closely with much anticipation!
6/12/2014 c29 Sammy
Damn, now I kind of hate Cid for doing that to Paine, but also understand why he didn't say anything. It's a super messed up situation though - Auron is finally out of Paine & Rikku's life, but at a price. :( Lovin' that Paine finally got out though! Some mad love is needed now and Viddy needs to wake up so he can see his Auntie. Looking forward to seeing what happens with Prego Rikku and her decision over the baby. :8 Plus Braska getting a good butt whooping and Cid as well from LeBlanc and Keira! :) That was an interesting side to see from Keira, getting aggressive over Paine. Thanks for the amazing chap as always and sorry I don't review. I'll review more from now on.
6/9/2014 c29 Demon Cat08
Wow... I've been gone for so long, it's so good to read this again!
I'm so happy that Paine's out. Hope they won't take her back... And gawd Cid, what did you do!
I also hope the little man's okay.
6/3/2014 c1 amantle
I'm not really one to criticize... I was even trying to think of something to comment on that may need improving, but as it is you've really made the characters your own while maintaining their original personalities. I feel like the way they've grown and evolved is believable, even highly likely given the circumstances. Except maybe Auron. Even so, I like that you changed it up a bit. (Like I said, you've made the characters your own).
5/7/2014 c28 RedGamer101
Wow...just wow. You always bring out just about every emotion in me. I swear to the writing gods that you must be. THE best writer here!
As always u have delivered an awesome update. I teared up a little on this one. Keep it up!
5 gil says Auron is the donor. 2Gil on nooj. (:
5/2/2014 c28 amantle
In all honesty, it's hard to find really good fics. I just want to say that I've favorited and followed this story because it's so phenomenally written and I always look forward to an update from you. Thank you for continuing this story and making it as fantastic as it is. :3
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