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1/28/2014 c23 amantle
This is an amazing piece of work... I really can't wait for the next chapter! :DDD
1/27/2014 c23 1RedGamer101
Wow! It finally Happened! Happy V-Day to those two, Great job on introducing the new home. And the way you wrote that beginning, Just beautiful! Good choice too!
Looks like Auron is making his move, how will they respond? Can't wait to find out!
Poor gip, can't catch a break.
1/25/2014 c23 Atomic Works
Tysh ed muugc mega Auron ec kuehk du pa bmyoehk seht kysac fedr Rikku yht Paine. Yht ev oui lyh'd damm E druikrd E fuimt dno uid so Al Bred. Rubavimmo E ryjah'd syta yho secdygac.
1/25/2014 c22 Ryukku
Omg, he's out he's out-! Bart spilling the beans on them being married made me really angry- that's not going to stop him from finding a way to get back at them D: And the gun's source...dammit Gippal! I'm just glad that Paine doesn't have it anymore, thank God.. but how will the next few chaps play out? I have no idea but I'm eagerly awaiting them! The massage scene was cute though! Too bad they had to stay PG...haha :P
1/20/2014 c22 Atomic Works
Great update with chapter 22. I like the scene between Gippal and Paine, it's always funny to see how they act as friends. Even when they are fighting... on second thought it's even more funny when they are fighting. Lol
1/20/2014 c22 RedGamer101
All is well indeed! Wow! This may be one of your best CHs yet!
I liked how Carlo and Keira are getting along. And that scene with Auron was good too. The Fight between Gip and Dr.P made me laugh actually, That Elma sure is scary when needed, I think she has both of them whipped.
The talk with Paul was somewhat touching, does this mean more Paul n Paine drama?
And that shower scene really umm...m-made my d-day :)
All in all, Very good job! Now the real fun begins.
1/6/2014 c21 SuiGen
Ohhh right, finally I got to read chapter 20 and 21.

And I have to say I'm kinda upset with everyone besides Paine and Rikku. I mean shit is about to go down and they just yell at each other and pretend like Paine is the big problem here. I don't like that.

What else? Oh I loved that little scene in Baralai's office, between GiPaBa, they are just too funny together and I hope once everything calmed down a bit, they maybe get to spend some more time go out and get drunk, you know the usual stuff they always do haha.

I'm really curious at this point to what Cid has planned, I mean this better be good, more than just good. I also really like that Paine got rid of that gun, never liked it in the first place. oh and I hope Rikku didn't get too upset on the last couple of days, I mean I would hate if she didn't pass the 40%.

I thought the placebo baby making scene was really cute tho, I hope we get more fluffiness between those two, after things calmed down.

Can't wait for next chapter! Aurons release, Paine finally gets to see the house, Aurons death maybe? naahhh that's just hopeful thinking on my part haha
1/4/2014 c21 Rykk
Oh man oh man, this next update is going to be the big release, isn't it? Terrifying! (But exciting!) Part of me is wary with the way Paine told Yuna she threw out the gun, just because we never saw her do it- I really hope she isn't lying... seeing her cry, though, damn. And the fact that Cid knows, but didn't do anything about it? Which also brings me back to wondering, what the heck was he DOING?

Poor placebo sperm, it's gonna be a rough week.

I actually recently re-read the entire Crimson and Clover again...and I have to say it's resurfaced a lot that I've forgotten and now I'm feeling even more emotionally invested- I cannot wait for the next chap! -prepares tissue box-
1/4/2014 c21 RedGamer101
Oh shit! it's hitting the fan! The anticipation has me on the edge of my seat, not to mention all of the "plans" floating about.
A father daughter reunion, that was nice. An paine cried?! The tension is at the breaking point now.
How will this play out?! Please update soon I can't wait!
Oh and Happy New Year!
12/30/2013 c21 Atomic Works
Paine chuckled. "I could drink for you."

Rikku laughed too. "Will you? Just get completely wasted for me."

Ha ha true love. And is the gun really gone? If it was in the story I must of missed it.
12/21/2013 c20 RedGamer101
Hey Hey! This one was really good. A more humorous Chapter, that's nice. And it finally happened! Now the pressure is on, Two days left, the fake baby, Rikkus attempt visit revealed, and now there's daddy. Wonder what he's been up to. :)
Anyway, great CH, you're doing great!
Happy Holidays to you as well Sensei!
12/21/2013 c20 Sheero
I'm always super excited to see a new chapter, I stop whatever I'm doing and read it immediately! The gun is making me really nervous, I wish Paine would just get rid of it already...I just have a really bad feeling about it all and with Auron coming out so soon- yikes. At least Brother knows about it but it doesn't seem good enough! And then Cid coming out of nowhere, what the heck? I guess we're going to find out what he was doing, right?! And I'm still freaking out that I can't figure out who this mystery couple is. I didn't miss something did I?! WHO IS HE?

hahaha, but anyway! Definitely excited for the next chapter and hanging on every word!
12/20/2013 c20 Atomic Works
I like the scene with Gippal, Paine and Baralai. We get to see the whole crew back together well almost the whole crew.

And with Cid showing up out of the blue, I think Rikku should hit a couple of times for running off like that even if it was apart of his plan.
12/17/2013 c19 trla
All the suspense is killing me! In a good way of course, thanks again for another great chap.
12/14/2013 c19 Guest
LOVE LOVE love this chap! everyones developing amazingly, these next few days are gonna be hell! but ican't wait! awaiting the next one for sure!
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