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for Fire in the Rain (Hiatus)

6/20/2019 c3 3reddevil47
I really hope you come back to this story eventually, it's so good!
1/18/2018 c1 Guest
Ryos is Rogue right?
10/25/2015 c3 BlackDragonShinigami
7/21/2015 c3 3spyderslicer
Really enjoyed this. Although the spelling and grammar could use a bit of work, it's passable. Since it seems like you recently got into writing again, is there even a slim chance that you might pick this back up? There has always been a shortage of Natsu x Juvia (much to my dismay) so I would love to see this get a nice update.

Good luck in your future work, have a good day.

Hunter C. Creed
6/21/2015 c3 DAYUM
Absolutely ADORABLE
5/25/2015 c3 Blue Star
Great chapter. Keep writing!
5/25/2015 c2 Blue Star
Bahahahahah! All of this chapter was hilarious!
5/25/2015 c1 Blue Star
Yup. I like it.
6/2/2014 c3 1A Meandering Ghostie
May be dead, but nice
5/27/2014 c3 love
2/4/2014 c3 winterhill4
love the story please continue
1/4/2014 c3 6Charissa Sophia de la Rosa
Wow, this is a really good story. I love it! Wahh, I'm starting to like Juvia with Natsu! But Gruvia is still number one. Right right. So anyway I love your writing style. I love how you describe things and throughout the story I sympathize with Juvia. You're a good author. And the scene at the end, goodness I squealed! I wonder what'll happen next. I wonder when Lucy will come (I'm a NaLu shipper too). I wonder what'll happen to Natsu and Juvia when Phantom Lord decided to have a guild war with Fairy Tail. I wonder if their relationship will last (I really hope it will last! Juvia suffered for too long! She deserves to be happy!). And finally, I wonder when will Natsu be able to, you know, get rid of the rain just like what Gray did to Juvia in episode 25. That'll be so sweet and romantic! XD
So please, please update! I want to know more. I want to read more about this story of yours. I saw that the last time you updated was April 30, 2013 and I'm typing this January 4, 2014. Please be active again in this story! Onegai! Thank you. :)
11/15/2013 c3 Dark
Such a sweet sweet chapter saying goodbye is bitter sweet. I believe you have not finished and r planning 2 update. If so I hope u update soon cuz I've been waiting ages 4 an update from u and if not u should think about continueing this story it very good this is one of my favourite crack parings
9/15/2013 c3 2Lanvia
Kick the romance up a notch and PLEASE update soon! I LOVE THIS STORY! Keep going! You're doing an awesome job!
7/27/2013 c3 7DraXXter
Wow, how awesomely awkward :D Can't wait for more
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