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3/27/2022 c19 Miller18
Please finish this story
5/19/2014 c6 Inuyasha Lubby Kagome
12/16/2013 c19 lilmstran
loved it
keep going
can't wait to read more
10/18/2013 c19 5Caliborn96
Like it.

Though btw you said they both dont like chinese food and later they voluntarly both ordered chinese take out so it doesnt make sense

Please update soon though i really love it
9/15/2013 c19 sammieanne
trouble in paradise, they need to talk, update soon take care...
8/22/2013 c19 Susan
Great update! Its kinda sad because of the way things have degressed with the long work hours and holidays, etc. I hope they can fix this without a big blow up between them. Please update again asap!
8/22/2013 c19 m0t0b33
okay... she's either PMS'ing or she's hormonal for the opposite reason :D
8/22/2013 c19 18maymay74
I think she's a bit emotional.
8/22/2013 c7 sammieanne
Keep writing getting better and better, now through a lemon up in there and you got your self hot lemonade.
8/22/2013 c7 sammieanne
Wow, you really don't know how to write a lemon, that's ok your heart is in this story.
8/22/2013 c6 sammieanne
I know it's just a story, I hate Bella is so insecure in most fiction stories. She's such a drama queen so needy and whiny. I do love the story, and I'm sure as I read on, Bella and Edward will do fine.
8/22/2013 c1 sammieanne
Well. I like the introduction, Edward, Emmett and Bella and Rose good start.
8/18/2013 c18 maymay74
8/17/2013 c18 Susan
I absolutely love this! I think Edward's apartment is bigger though, so maybe they should move in there. I can't wait to read more. Please update again asap!
8/16/2013 c18 alc1002
Good chapter
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