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6/19/2013 c7 Belice
Love your Story (and Cole ;-), please keep going!
5/8/2013 c4 7Yusuke Urameshi - Mazoku
Interesting... keep it up!
4/27/2013 c3 lady nymphadora potter 79
great story please update soon
4/25/2013 c3 13l0vetakesnoprisoners
Hi! I haven't checked the Charmed archive in forever because I felt like nobody was writing any Phole stories, let alone any good ones, but I'm glad that I checked it recently. I am excited that I found this story. It has so much potential, and being the fervent Phole shipper that I am (my obsession with Phoebe and Cole being together is what actually made me discover fanfiction), I can't wait to see which direction you take this in. You write very well, also. It's like a bonus to an original idea.

Okay, this is getting kind of long, so I'll wrap it up. Keep up the good work, and hopefully update soon! (:
4/24/2013 c3 3kimborox619
Well hi, I'm usually not one for reviewing, as I try to stray from the usual 'update more' and 'great chapter, can't wait to see what happens next' kind of reviews. This story however deserves a review, so here goes...

This is such a unique spin on a pretty big story line for the charmed series, and I'm really interested in seeing where this story goes and what is going to be new and different about this storyline.

Will Prue be staying alive in this? If so will another sister be killed? Or will it stray from that storyline long before it gets there? Will Paige be introduced even? Or is this just going to be written for a short time, a few episodes worth sort of length?

Thanks for reading this review, can't wait to read more of your story!
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