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for Stuck (because I'm not good with titles)

12/3/2017 c7 unknown
You are hilarious.
I don't blame you for focusing on Leo.
He is so funny!

I really want to know what's going to happen to Persy.
What about Eragon?
12/3/2017 c5 unknown
Definitly do Eragon a pov.
12/3/2017 c4 unknown
Keep writing!
I love this fanfic besides the thing about the chapters being short!
12/3/2017 c2 unknown
Short chapter but I've read shorter ones.
Loving this fanfic!
2/23/2016 c7 BiancaGhost
I loved it! and could you please send me the Ode de Leo? and maybe update? pretty please!?
7/23/2014 c7 Guest
You misspelled supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
7/8/2014 c7 EvieClark
I would love to hear your Ode de Leo. Please PM it to me. Oh and update to. I love this story. You really need to continue it. It has been a long time since you have updated aand I want to hear more of Percy and Annabeths adventures. (As a side note I also think Leo (being like the awesomest character ever) should go to Alagasia too.)
11/4/2013 c7 LOLVal
I live itttttt! Please continue! !
8/21/2013 c7 18Beaner97
This is good. Continue ASAP
7/26/2013 c4 DarynAuth
Very Very good chapter :)
7/26/2013 c3 DarynAuth
Chapters are getting longer which is really good.
7/19/2013 c7 Ty
plz update soon
6/8/2013 c7 StarLilly Rose
Not another cliffie... ! :D I am still completely and totally hooked on this story and I cannot wait to see what happens next, especially with that whole undetermined future thing... Keep up the awesome job!
6/6/2013 c7 Book nerd
Um ok so what's up with your friend. Love sick puppy. And what about Leo that was the randiest conversation I have ever heard someone say in herd someone say in their head. But uh GET BACK TO ANABETH AND PERCY!, I really want to know what happeneing to them!
5/26/2013 c6 Winter Spirit
Hehe. Um i was the 'guest' last time. I'm uhh I'm a little more 'informed' now. So uhh good story and keep writing!
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