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for Stutter-shook and Uptight

5/5/2016 c1 28Aliko Kinav
I liked this a lot. Great job!
12/28/2014 c1 1IQ4730
This is great, it's got a bit of humor and total amazing display of the mutual love of Grantaire and Enjolras. Haha, great job! I love the emotions and the thoughts in this.
10/25/2013 c1 1GeekItUp
This story transitioned from something full of suspense into something very fluffy. I enjoyed it 100%, all the way through. I think my favorite part was when they were hiding their relationship from Combeferre!
8/18/2013 c1 1Iceangel1229
Finally! Okay, but what happens next? The suspense is killing me! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing. Until next time :)
7/23/2013 c1 6buckyybarnes
and then i fall to the floor screaming "i love you"
6/26/2013 c1 36Almost an Actress
I loved everything about it! You have such a great writing style, and I love how oblivious Combeferre is to all of this!
4/30/2013 c1 Combeferre
Wow. You are amazing at writing this. I mean, this is really well written and you completely understand how the characters are like. You have writing talent and should be definitely writing more fanfictions for us.
4/27/2013 c1 1sarahmozer
Awww. This story makes me happy. I love Enjolras being scared. I love Grantaire all the time.

Great job with keeping them all in character. Most people don't do that.
4/24/2013 c1 annie-lauren
I think you're the only person in history (well, what I've read) who has managed to have schmoop but keep Enjolras so perfectly in character... I absolutely adored it!
4/24/2013 c1 41Sarahbob
Adorable! Can't wait for the next story in this series :)

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