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8/15/2023 c60 Guest
love it
1/19/2023 c21 Wormwood-with-Asphodel
How does Dumbledore remember the names and career choices of that many staudents?
1/19/2023 c20 Wormwood-with-Asphodel
I like how Remus is the first person Lily calls by his Marauder nickname.
1/19/2023 c19 Wormwood-with-Asphodel
I feel like this was such a missed opportunity in the original. Remus’s boggart was the moon there. That was cool and all for the “oh my god he’s a werewolf!” plot, but the James, Peter and Sirius were supposed to have helped him conquer that fear (for the most part). I think it should have turned into James and Peter saying they had only felt sorry for him, and that they were better off dead, because then they wouldn’t have to deal with their “annoying little pet”. Then it turns into Sirius who laughs at him for not realizing his true intentions, and talks about how he joined Voldemort because he couldn’t put up with him. The best part is, Harry’s watching the whole thing.
12/23/2022 c60 Wormwood-with-Asphodel
Just this bittersweet feeling of overwhelming sadness and dread that comes with the last chapter…
12/22/2022 c40 Wormwood-with-Asphodel
“…but I slipped and sort of fell out of the window…” Only Sirius
12/22/2022 c35 Wormwood-with-Asphodel
This has me crying
6/20/2022 c60 Guest
Bitter sweet the last chapter. The rest of the chapters so great.

Sometimes a paragraph catches me of guard in its transition. Because it’s not a book, but a block of text. And sometimes who is talking is unclear, but it really is nothing compared to the story and emotion the author evokes. I second and third every review about how touching this story is. From the love interest. Every relationship. The vulnerability and also for the first time clearing up the fact why Harry’s parents were so young when they had him. It was war. They faced very harrowing circumstances.
6/20/2022 c57 TtotheA
Chapter 57?! How did I get here? This is so good. So, so, so good. Literally had my toes curling and insides feel gushy in so many moments. Its so beautiful the friendship the boys have. The vulnerability. The hurt and loss. Yet, the vibe is almost like falling in love. All butterflies and aaah shuck’s.
6/16/2022 c16 TtotheA
Om grinning ear to ear. Such a sweet story.
6/26/2021 c60 teresa.mcadam
Thanks for sharing your story!
4/18/2021 c56 Anonymous Person
The attitude that the four of them hold, James, Sirius, Remus, and, Lily is honestly kind of scary. So first James gets kidnapped a freakin' TORTURED for a month. He bounces back scarily quick and is even able to stomach having the Imperius cast on him and voluntarily feel the effects of the Cruciatus on him mere months later. Not to mention the fact that Sirius put up one hell of a fight against the Imperius and even managed to freakin' JOKE about the Cruciatus. Let't not forget the Imperius pretty much didn't effect Remus. Now they've been sent on their first mission with the Order and two of their own get captured. Despite being captured under threat of death, Sirius and Lily are levelheaded enough to hold conversation about how to escape and aren't showing any outward signs of fear. Then there's James and Remus who are dead set on leaving safety to mount a rescue mission, using pretty much any means they have access to in order to accomplish said self-made mission, even using a feakin' life debt. Then there's also their personal abilities and the items that have almost exclusive access to. A vast knowledge and capability to use various forms of rather high-leveled magic both wand, and wandlessly. A lot of knowledge about the terrain thanks to the current mission being close to Potter Mansion. Access to an Invisibility Cloak, and three of them possess animagus forms that neither side has thought to ward against. Finally there's their unbending loyalty to each other and a frighteningly literal no one left behind policy the lot of them share. Might I just note they're not even out of school yet.
4/17/2021 c28 Anonymous Person
Completely confused why Peter thought anyone could possibly be a passable imitation of any Marauder when the other two were present. Truly, the lot of them might as well share one collective brain sometimes.
12/10/2020 c8 broooookkkeeee
i love this series so far!
i really like how the marauders call lily out on her bs instead of always apologizing like most of the fics i’ve read.
9/4/2020 c60 AS
I don't typically read a lot of James/Lily stories, but I've enjoyed your writing so much that I figured I should give it a shot. I'm glad I did! To be honest, I think I enjoyed a lot of it because I felt like I got background into instances you allude to in other stories (Sirius staying at Privet Drive, the Porkey prank, etc), but I also thought this was a really unique way for James and Lily to start dating. In addition, it was nice to see Lily develop friendships with the other Marauders.

In general, I thought this story was overall a good idea about the first wizarding war which has always been described as a terrifying time - high profile murders (James' parents) and disappearances. Being able to read the instances when James and Lily defied Voldemort was interesting too, as that was a big part of the prophecy. Not to mention, I think you did a great job explaining Peter's motives for becoming a Death Eater, but also kept portraying the Marauders as friends - there's a lot of fics out there that depict Peter as the tagalong in their group, and I tend to like the stories more when he's part of the group because I don't think James would have agreed to have Peter as secret keeper if they weren't good friends. So I'm glad Peter was seen as their friend throughout this, even though he betrayed them.

James and Sirius at 4 Privet Drive was HYSTERICAL as they got to examine a muggle house.

And the final chapter was heartbreakingly perfect since we all know what happened next :( I truly don't think you could have ended it better, but man is it sad to read.
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